Not That Easy(MB Roc Royal) by MissyL_Glitter
Not That Easy(MB Roc Royal)by MissyL_Glitter
This is a story about a girl named Ari.She been through alot of things in her life that made her hard to get.She didnt want to be bothered with friends on mostly anythin...
  • royal
  • roc
  • behavior
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836 Franklin Ave by MegaMcDonalds
836 Franklin Aveby MegaMcDonalds
My name is Sevyn. Tell someone to pick a number one through ten. How many people would choose seven? The world's lucky number is the name of the world's most unlucky per...
  • prince
  • jacob
  • prod
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I LOVE MY BULLY <3 by Augustistheboo
My name is Idaya. Im 17 and ive had it pretty rough my mom died of a heart attack when i was three and my dad left me when i was 16 for some white chick i miss him but h...
  • rayray
  • prodigy
  • zendaya
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Jacob Is My Bully? by LastGloQueen
Jacob Is My Bully?by ✨Champagne Mamii✨
This is a story of a girl named London. She was once best friends with Jacob, which is her bully. Then things went downhill. She keeps her guard up and shuts ALMOST eve...
  • mindless
  • gregg
  • princeton
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Ruined // Jacob Perez by bloodyblunts
Ruined // Jacob Perezby sad latina
❝ Have you ever loved someone so much, you cried? ❞ Haylee and Jacob used to be best friends when they were younger... Until Jacob moved away when he was twelve. It's be...
  • breaunna
  • lopez
  • demi
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Still Got You by _xQVOx
Still Got Youby _xQVOx
Third part to Anything but Normal (a Chresanto August love story) (Reading the first two parts recommended.)
  • urban
  • wattys2017
  • royal
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Under The Bridge(Chresanto August) by Hailey_Michele
Under The Bridge(Chresanto August)by Michele
Sixteen year old, Chresanto August, is all alone on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. He left home, fed up with his parents behavior. When leaving, he only brought wha...
  • love
  • drama
  • journey
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NoLove .[TMAD] by IconicParis
NoLove .[TMAD]by Iconic Paris
21 Year Old Yn is married to the richest man in the country by the name of Chresanto August who owns a business named August Incorporated ™ that controls Designing, Busi...
  • chresantoaugust
  • romance
  • war
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Baller for love {Royce} by mysty789
Baller for love {Royce}by mysty789
What happens when the star of basket ball, Chresanto August finds that he has feelings for his best friend whom is a boy, Jacob Perez. All rights reserved © Read to find...
  • roc
  • prince
  • royce
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Roc Royal & Y/N Love Story - Love Always Finds Its Way Back by ZenaEtZilia
Roc Royal & Y/N Love Story - Zania M.
This story is about Chresanto A.K.A. Roc, 18, who meets you, 17, at you guys' high school and kind of fall in love, but only to split and find yourselves meeting each o...
  • chresanto
  • love
  • roc
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In Love With My Kidnapper(Roc Royal/Santo August) by Hailey_Michele
In Love With My Kidnapper(Roc Michele
She doesn't instantly fall in love with him, trust me. He started as a stalker, but his obsession grew bigger and bigger each second. No one noticed she was gone because...
  • santoaugust
  • roc
  • rocroyal
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mindless behavior preferences by prefercence1999
mindless behavior preferencesby prefercence1999
  • roc
  • behavior
  • ray
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Abused Love(Yn And Mindless Behavior Story) by fruitydimples
Abused Love(Yn And Mindless fruitydimples
Yn (Your name) get abused/bullied by a of group of boys. Prince, Roc, Ray, and Prod. They torture you everyday. Roc and Prince live down the street from you and Prod and...
  • prince
  • toughlove
  • princeton
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Chasing You by trulyadoll
Chasing Youby trulyadoll
Just read to find out...I️ bet you won't regret it❤️😉
  • deja
  • zevor
  • prodigy
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Celebrity Imagines by mimi_2_cute
Celebrity Imaginesby Ze'che
Romantic, Freaky, Funny, and Cute imagines! Starring: Jacquees, Trevor Jackson, Lucas Coly, Willgothejuice, Issa and more!
  • dillyntroy
  • issa
  • coly
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Delirium (Sequel to Apathy) by -azure
Delirium (Sequel to Apathy)by 𝐊𝐀𝐘
"Dad would be proud of you, Amir." © -azure. all rights reserved.
  • love
  • royal
  • roc
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Friends With Benifits by Jade621
Friends With Benifitsby Jade
Who says you can't have a guy best friend? That's what Ella thought to. She has been best friends with Damien for years but will it stay this way? Read to find out!
  • roc
  • friendship
  • rebel
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Hero by Hailey_Michele
Heroby Michele
He is a hero. Not just mine. He fought for our country, America. His wife didn't appreciate him. After their divorce, he found me.
  • pain
  • military
  • war
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Eternal Love (royce) (Boyxboy) by alwaysmakkin
Eternal Love (royce) (Boyxboy)by alwaysmakkin
15 year old Jacob Perez just arrived in South Shore. He has his eyes on a popular jock, Chresanto August. Theres one problem, Chresanto isnt gay.. Or is he? Friendships...
  • fanfic
  • mindlessbehavior
  • princeton
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Daddy Issues. by _theoneprinceton
Daddy AJ
Y/n is a 19 year old who's caught up in affairs,lies, and multiple losses of love ones and is still in highschool. Her mother is constantly with new men every few months...
  • love
  • royal
  • rocroyal
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