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The baby

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Khalil POV

"Im the type of girl you wanna chew on my bubblegum" i sang walking to the ice cream shop with issa.

"What kind of song is that?" he laughed. I shrugged

"IDK but its catchy! New song: And i wanna say thank you incase i dont thank you enough A woman in the streets and a freak in the you know what, sit back sit back its the pre game show daddy you know whats up- Tonight im gonna dance for yoooouuuu" i sang

"Oh really, im down for that" he said. I blushed. I continued to sing until we reached the ice cream shop

"Hello how may i help you?" the cashier asked

"Um oreo blast with m&m and skittles" he said

"Banana sudea with oreo and gummy bears" i said

"$14.37" she said. I pulled out some money to give to the cashier?"

"What are you doing" issa asked

"Paying for my ice cream" i said

"No your not, ill pay"he said

"No you dont have to" i said

"But i want to" he said handing the cashier a 20 "Kee the change"

"Thank you and here you go, and yall make a cute couple and congrats on the baby" she said handing us our ice cream and sitting at a table

I put my head down. I wasnt embarrassed i was ashamed.

"Whats wrong?" he asked

"You can leave if you want. I wont mind if you never want to hang again" i said with my head down

"Wait what are you talking about? Im confused" he said

I rubbed my belly

"Oh, you begin pregnant?"

I noded

"Idk if your pregnant, you still sexy and the baby bump brings out your curves." he said grabing my hands


"Fo sure"


"No problem" he said feeding me some ice cream

We talked and laughed for what seemed like hours

"Um may i ask, why is someone as sexy as you single?" he asked

"Well i told my exi was preggo and he acused me of cheating and stuff" i said playing with my fingers

"Its ok. His lose because if i was him i would be proud to have a guy like you and a family" he said

"Why are you single?"

"I could never find a real person. They all try to use me for fame or my money. Im just looking for that one, but i guess i can sop looking since i found him" he said leaning closer to me

"Who?" i said

"The one i kiss" he said kissing me

His lips were so soft. Our lips moved in sync like time froze. It was just me and him. He tilted his head deepen the kiss. I could feel his hand rubbing my belly. I chuckled because that tickled. He pulled away.

"Wow" was all we said

"I think you could be the one" he said

?????? POV

Maybe i can use issa to my advantage

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