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close eye

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Jacob POV

"well why did chres(roc) kiss you?" zahia asked. I really didnt want to tell. It a confusing story. Me and roc, well i dont even know how to describe us. Its complicated. Its like when we first kissed i was just figuring myself out. I cant explain it well. I wasnt going to tell her until i noticed a note in her pocket. I know what you thinking "so it jthe girl have a life" Well this note was different, it had a certain engravement like the one roc use to get when we were friends. Like when he was in that gang. Damn my head hurts from all these memories. I forgot zahia was there.


"Why did roc kiss you?" She said with a worried look on her face

"Well.........I dont really know?" I said. well i told her half the truth i dont know why he kissed me almost a year after the fact.

"Well why did he ask "why didnt you kiss back"? It almost seems like this happened before"

"Well when me and roc were friends i caught feeling for him and kissed him. After that fail of feeling we didnt talk. He got with my girl at the time, and then the bulling started. Why he kissed me today i dont know. I wish i did. Im just so confused zahia. I dont know what to do." at that moment i started crying. i cant take this stress. A these old feeling, memories,beating, i just cant. "Im sorry I probly sound like a wuss right now. Im over here balling and i just meet you, but i feel like your a true friend.

Zahia POV

When he said that a tear shed from my eyes. I just felt the need to hug and comfort him. So did. Even though we just met, feel like ive known him forever. Like he a friend to keep. Not the ones that come and go. The R.O.D type.  As he cried on my shoulder i patted his back. Hes like the brother i never had.

"Its ok, im here for you. I feel the same. Your like the brother i never had but wanted." i said smiling at him. He chuckled.

"See thats the smile my lil misfit afro puff"

"haha that my nickname now za-za"

"Really? za-za? watev?"

We laughed, ate, watched spongebob the rest of the day. I got to know him better. He told me about his family and stuff and i did the same. I love my misfit brotha.

As it got later ther was still one thing on my mind. That note.How do they know that much. The only people that know is my mom Jacob and God. I feel like im being watched.

Prod POV

Well yeah im kinda stalking zahia and jacob. Got to keep a close eye on them you know. Doing my job.

???-U better keep a close eye on them

Prod- I will

???-Good do as your told and i might consider you my favorite

Prod-Yes sir, i wont fail you this time

???-Good boy, maybe i wont have to get rid of you like i did your father

Prod-yes sir

(heyyyyy!! hope you like the story.....................but i wonder who prod talking to???? hmmmmm) VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE & FOLLOW

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