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You didnt see anything....

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Zahai POV

As i walked to school i was thinking about yesterday night. Jacob likes me but i kinda like him back but i kinda off like this boy in my english class named Ray. He funny, nice, tall, with nice chocolate skin, and has 2 long pigtail braids that i fing so cute, did i mention his brown eyes!1 Omg i just want to melt. MHMMM. I finally arrived at school and i was late....AGAIN. As walked to my locker i heard noises so i went to go check it out. I know what yall thinking "you nosey as hell" Well yes i am!! But anyway i went towards the noise and saw roc and jacob.

I hid behind the corner and watched making sure they couldnt see me. They were just staring at eachother, it was weird. Jacob looked so scared and roc looked hurt but angry at the same time.

"Dont hurt me, I-I promise i wont tell" Jacob said tearing up. Roc just stood their, then he wiped jacobs tear away and kissed him. (What in all fuckery was that!!!)

Jacob POV

"Dont hurt me, I-I promise i wont tell" i said. I could feel my eyes getting watery and felt the tears go down my face. I could help it i was afraid. Then he wiped my tear away and kissed me. I didnt kiss back cause i was in too much of a shock. He pulled away and punched me dead in the face.

"WHY DIDNT YOU KISS BACK?" he yelled. I just sat their and held my face. I looked up to see him crying and angry. He then me again and again repeatedly. He kicked me in my stomach till i was coughing blood. He then went back to punching me in my face tilli heard someone yell my name. My vision was blurry. Last thing i saw was roc run away and a girl come running towards me. The i blacked out.


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