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When i arrived home, i went to my room and just plopped in my bed. I was so confused about today. All i could think about was prince and roc. Why i dont know exactly know. As i was deep in thought my phone started to ring. I didnt realize the number so i let it go to viocemail. 2 minutes later i saw i got a text message.

Text convo:

{princeMisfits} Hey

{Zswagger} Who r u

{princeMisfits} Princeton-jacob

{Zswagger} Oh duhh

{princeMisfits} I srry 4 yelling at u today, i was jus angry and tired

{Zswagger} its all gucci

{princeMisfits} Gucci?? :-/

{Zswagger} gucci=good

{princeMisfits} Ohhh..............i feel dumb

[Zswagger} haahahah u shud

Lame but watev ----TO BE CONTINUED

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