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Why the hell is she hanging prince? Does she not know? But again shes new, she still has a lot to learn. As a i walked into class i took my regular seat in the back. Later zahia walked in so i motioned for her to sit next to me. "Hi" i said. "Hey" she said with a worried look. Then prince walked in. He sat a note right in front of Zahia, then took his seat at the table across from us. She read the note and her expression changed. "Whats wrong?" "Oh nothing" she said still looking down. I just left it alone, then the teacher walked in.

Zahia POV

As i got to class i sat next to roc. I really didnt want to but i did anyways. I was not in the mood to talk i just wanted this day to be over with! After me and roc's short convo prince walked in. He sat a note on my desk then sat at the table across from me. I could tell he was angry and was staring at me. The note read: Im sorry, i didnt mean to yell at you. I just dont want to see you hurt. If i were you i would just stay alert. I was so confused. What does he mean?


Zahia POV

I walked in and got my lunch and found a empty table in a corner. I ate quietly just thinking about my life before we moved. Why did he have to do that to us? What have we ever done to him? I also though about prince. Why did he get so mad? As i was deep in thought 2 girls came up to me. "Hi im Jordan and this is Naomi" "Hi Zahia"

Jordan: Are you new?

Me: Yes

Naomi: Where you from?

Me: Atlanta


Me:(they seem pretty cool i can tell their tomboys by the way they dress)

Jordan: You seem really cool, you shud hang with us and we can show you around and stuff.

Naomi:Yeah and if you need to know anything you could ask us

Me: Ok

Naomi: Have you meet anyone else

Me: yeh prince and roc (soon as i said those names their expression changed)

Jordan: oh

Me: Why you say that?

Naomi: You havent heard

Me:no but can you tell me

Naomi: well roc is the man-whore of the school. He gets all the girls he wants

Me: wow so whats with him and jacob

Jordan: well roc slept with jacobs girl so i guess they beefing, but idk y she a hoe anyway!!

Me: oh

Jordan: How did you meet prince

Me: i found him beat up by the lockers so i helped him out

Naomi: not again

Me: is this a everyday thing? and he wouldnt tell me who did it!

Jordan: You have a lot to learn

Me:then tell me

Naomi: its a long story

Me:i got time

Jordan: Well it all began...........................


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