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Choices (pt 2)

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I woke up exausted and in pain. I then remebered what hapened last night. I began to cry. He seemed so nice. Why would he hurt me, I did nothing to him, nothing but please him.

There was a knock on the door. D walked in. He sat on the bed.

"Im sorry" he whispered

"Its ok, ou warned me and i didnt listen" i said huggng him. I began to cry remembering evrything that happened.

"Roc, im leaving and never coming back. i have enough money to buy a place in cali. I cant live like this, im also going back to school and getting a job" he said "You shold do the same"

"You know i cant do that, my sister is still hear, i cant leave her she all i got' i said


"Well do you have anyone you can stay with" he asked

"Maybe at a friends" i said

"Well until you find a place im not leaving" he said

"No, what if they come back, your leaving tonight. Dont worry about me, ill make it, i promise"

"Ok wel atleast help me pack you jinga boo" he laughed

"Cause im black?" i said in a sarcastic ofended way

"Wait hold up twerk and pause, boy you only half black, aint nobody got time for that!" he said snapping his fingers with duck lips

"Ha watev, lets get packing so you can leave before dark." and with that we started packing. It didnt take long. We soon took a taxi to the airport. He purchased his ticket and now its time to say good bye

"Bye D, thanks for the help, understanding, not judging and just being a good friend." i said

"Listen little bro dont thank me, i should be thanking you, you helped me relise(sp) thats it more out here than the street life. Promise me something bro"

"Anything" i said

"When i leave, i want you off these streets, go to that boy you love make it right find your sis and leave this hell hole ok!"

"But you know i owe boss money" i said

"Hear take this" he said hand me a duffle bag "Thats over 100k o, dont ask how i got the money but pay off that dept ok. I mean it roc i dont want you on theses streets. I swear if i get a call yo got shot or died i will go to heaven myself and whop your ass infront of god and all the angels ok!" he said pointing at me like a mom would

I laughed "OK"

"Oh and i better have some god children when i come and visit" he said hugging me

"Ok" i laughed "I ove you bro"

"I love you to" he said walking away. I grabbed the bag and began to walk.

Now to jacobs house.

????? POV

I watched as he said good bye to D. I miss him, but if to do what i got to do to protect him. I have ran, killed, stole. But now im back. If i have to work for the enemy to protect my on then i will. Mark my words Boss, prod, khalil and xavier will die. 1 by 1

I made my wayback to d old home and waited.

I heard the door open.

"Hey roc im back for another round" xavier said

"Im back here" i said sounding like roc

"Hey ba- wait your not roc" he said

"I know" i said locking the door

"H-hey why you locking the door and why do you have a gun" he said backing up in a corner

"You hurt him, you raped him!" i yelled

"i-i didnt m-mmean to." he stuttered

"Lies! Your going to pay, your never going to see daylight again your going to burn in hell and when i get there ill be looking for you" and with that i shot him in the chest 3 times but he was still alive.

"W-who are you?" he asked coughing up blood. I took out a knife and began to cut a message on his arms which said P K B X with a slash over the " x " and a circle around the " k "

I grabbed a bat and beat him with it, once i was done beating him i checked his pulse. Still alive barely. I grabbed my gun a shot him in the head. I wrote a note and attached a pic of khalil to it. I used xaviers blood and wrote next over the pic. I grabbed my tools and left. I could hear neighbors screaming. I guess they found him. Next is Khalil!

I bet your wondering who i am? Well you wil soon find out.

Khalil POV

Ring ring ring



"Yeah dad?"

"Xavier's dead and they're coming for you next"

Short ik but what do you think about the mystery person? D left for a better life. Rocs going to jacobs mhmmm what will happen? Khalil? Do you feel bad for him? Let me know

8+ vote n 5+ comments to continue!!!!!

Thanks for reading- love Keria

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