All i have (pt 3)

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"Before you close the door, i need your help. Your all i have left"

Khalil POV


I fell to my knees "Please! I have no one my mom is dead, my brother is dead, my dead is dead and my boyfriend is now my ex. I have no one or anywhere to go. Please help me" i cried

He let out a huge sigh "Come in" he said

"Thanks" i said getting off the ground and grabbing my bags. He lead me to the living.

"So why me? Did you forget you never lived me?" he said

"Jacob im sorry, i really am i never wanted to go that far. Yes i wanted you to pay but not like that." i said

Did you know?" he asked

"Know what?"

"That he was going to kill my mother?" he asked

"I promise you on my life i didnt know and i dont know who helped him" i said

"Ok and i forgive you" jacob said

"Tha" (gco)

"Jacob your out of toliet paper, oh hey khalil......Wait!!! what are you doing here?" roc asked

"I should be asking the same thing?" i said

"Jacob?" roc asked

"Look roc, his family is dead he has no where to go" he said

"What about your house or prods?" roc asked

Just mentioning his name makes my heart ache. I could feel the tears trying to escape my eyes.

"Khalil? Are you ok?" jacob asked

"People are after me and prod and boss. Why? IDK. They killed my brother now they killed my father. I cant go home, its not safe for us"

"US?" jacob and roc said together

"Im pregnant, and i told prod and he h-he" i began to cry "He told m-me that it wasnt his that it was yours but its not cause we only did it once and you wrapped. Prod is the only one i went raw with." i cried

"Its ok khalil you the baby can stay with me and roc" jacob said

"Aww yall together now?" i asked

"Yes" they said together

"Awww yall make a cute couple, and im sorry for all the things i did to you. I was blinded by what i thought was love." i said

"Its ok, plus you can do better! OOO i have a friend. He single, hot, sexy, nice body, nice lips, and big feet" roc said.Jacob slapped the back of his head

"Ow" roc said

"Im your boo remeber!!"

"Oh yeah sowwy jakey-boo" roc said

"Its gucci" jacob said

"Anyway, you'll love him he so nice and he a rapper so he got that money!! So what do you say?"

"Sure i guess"

"YAAAAY!! I'll go call him now" roc said jumping up and down

Me and jacob just shook our heads

"Your boo" i chuckled

"See what i have to deal with" he laughed

"I HEARD THAT!" roc yelled from

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