~The Boy Next Door~ A Cash Baker FanFic by aubrey_baker
~The Boy Next Door~ A Cash Baker Aubrey :)
Cash and his best friend Aubrey always hang out and spend time together. Aubrey is from an abusive home and seeks Cash for comfort. What happens when they reveal they ha...
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Creepypasta x slenderman sister by Dallas12645
Creepypasta x slenderman sisterby Dallas Springer
Find out and see
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Selfcare by Quiminade
Selfcareby Quiminade
A Masterpost of Tips, Guides & Threads for you, yourself and your life. From school to skincare and having fun, it's all here in this book.
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  • selfcare
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Wanna Play? (Creepypasta x Powerful Female Reader)  by FaithIsBroken
Wanna Play? (Creepypasta x Eclipse❤💋
#1 - Trendy 11/10/18 This is a new story about creepypastas, if you like this story please like and follow. I follow back to anyone that follows me! (Y/N) was just a c...
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COVER GALLERY❇  by Mysteriouzz8
COVER GALLERY❇ by Mystery_GirL
Cover Designer / Editor... If you are in search of covers for ur book then u have came to the right place... Do Follow the Rules and read the form in the first part of...
  • swasan
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five days// timothée chalamet  by elle905
five days// timothée chalamet by elle905
a story in which a girl and her friend timothée have fun
  • fanfiction
  • hammer
  • f4f
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Unexpected Romance // Jack Avery by wdwaveryyyyy
Unexpected Romance // Jack Averyby wdw.averyyyyy_
You've always had a thing for Jack Avery from Why Don't We. What happens when you find out that he goes to your school?
  • jonahmarais
  • wdw
  • teen
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esta historia es sobre 8 chicas que fueron abandonadas en un orfanato donde 3 chicos le pueden llegar a cambiar su pequeña vida
  • ulzzangs
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Minor Issues by MagicGalaxyGirl
Minor Issuesby 𝑀𝒶𝑔𝒾𝒸𝒢𝒶𝓁𝒶𝓍𝓎𝒢𝒾𝓇𝓁
My opinion on unique topics. Fun and original! Feel free to comment a topic.
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avenue ⇒ 80s/90s by smolkey
avenue ⇒ 80s/90sby angel
❝i could still hear the soft lullabies of the rain, speaking to me in solace, comforting me in gratitude. the earth is all i have. ❞ it always rained in that town...
  • cult
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Volveremos Inesperadamente by DulceMariaEspinoza3
Volveremos Inesperadamenteby Dulce Maria Espinoza
Después de 4 años se volvieron a ver Diego y Roberta que paso después que terminaron, que caminos escogieron. Un encuentro que dejo marca. Para el un error del que se...
  • miguel
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ACCESSORIES & MORE(✔✔) by Mysteriouzz8
ACCESSORIES & MORE(✔✔)by Mystery_GirL
ACCESORIES & MANY MORE .... 1.)Women/men rings. 2.)Promise rings . 3.)Women /men watches. ⌚ 4.)Women/men bracelets . 5.)Women/mens dresses. 6.)Couple's lockets. 7.)Bff...
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Imagines and ONESHOTS (Freaky) *REQUESTS OPEN* by XxXbLaSiAn22
Imagines and ONESHOTS (Freaky) * YvNg DaGGeR dICk 💔
These imagines come from my mind, @teammindless209 mind, and @trentren143 mind. especially @trentren143 mind she was one of the reasons i have decided to create a imagin...
  • oneshot
  • rayanlopez
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Fluff 'N Stuff  by Hetalicious
Fluff 'N Stuff by ✧คຖtiŞ໐¢iคl✧
A collection of cute (mostly funny) Sockathan one-shots. You know fluff is good for the heart! WARNING: Has some mature language, and may have some implied sexual them...
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Soft Side by RAELYNrae-rae
Soft Sideby 《Rae-Rae》
This will be a Slenderman Daughter Scenarios, This is my first time doing this so hope you like it.
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The Definition Of A Hero by AwkwardlyMe14
The Definition Of A Heroby ItsmeAutumn
"The hero always wins," I say with ease. "No, they don't. They only hurt the villains," Lauren said disagreeing with me. "Isn't that how you win...
  • trendy
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10 Sad Short Stories (Hetalia)  by KawaiiHetaliaFan156
10 Sad Short Stories (Hetalia) by KawaiiHetaliaFan156
10 sad Hetalia short stories! I'm really gonna put a ton of effort in this book so stay tuned! These are all fanmade EXCEPT: The Davie story, for those who didn't know.
  • cool
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Daddy's Lil Girl by RAELYNrae-rae
Daddy's Lil Girlby 《Rae-Rae》
The Fashion Designer's Daughter
  • daughter
  • scenario
  • trendy
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The Twist Behind The Banks Family by Gkirkman1214
The Twist Behind The Banks Familyby GERALD KIRKMAN
The famous, most trendy, and perfect family is here. Most of them are famous for their victory of winning wars in the past; well its 2018, and its getting ready to be a...
  • trendy
  • mystery
  • drama
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Motivácia-kone by AnneNatyBuff
Motivácia-koneby Anne
Tieto motivácie som vyhladávala keď som nevedela ako ďalej na koňoch a chcela som jazdectvo ukončiť.
  • chcemkone
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