Choices (pt3)

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"Xavier's dead and your next"



Khalil POV

"Y-You sure dad?"

"Yes son ive been in this business way to long not to know. This was no mistake they were out for xavier and now their coming for you and P and B whoever they are" he said

"P and B" i muttered Prod and boss? But why?

The first thing that came to my mind was my baby. Im only 5 months. You cant tell though i just look beefier. Last time prod saw me he asked if i started to workout i just said yes. If you havent figured it out i havent told him yet. Why? Because im scared duh. Now i have to tell him especially if someones out to kill me. For what? Im a good person. Yeah i said it it I am and idgaf what yall ratchet wanna bes say i know what i am.

"Ok dad"

"Listen son you the only boy i have left and i dont even have grand kids yet so just be careful ok"

"Yeah dad and you do have a grand kid" i said

"I DO!!" he said

"Yeah im pregant"




"Dad" i said on the verge of tears

"Thats great son, idc if your pregant ive always wanted grand kids no i have one!!!!!"


"So whos the father?" he asked (he knows im gay)

"Um prod" i whispered

"Say who now" he questioned

"Prod"  i said

"You me craig crippen jr aka lil nigga i dont like aka thats bastards employee aka my enemies worker?"

"Yes" i whispered

"Why son? You know better! What happened to jacob? Does he even know?

"No" i said

"You know what we will talk about this when you get home, so bring your ass home NOW!" he said

"Yes dad" i said

"I love you son"

"You too dad" and with that i hung up.

30 minutes later khalil's house

As i walked through the door i saw my dad in his "thinking chair" waitig for me

"Sit down" he said. I made my way to the couch and took a seat.


"Ok before i explode i want you to answer and explain all my questions k? k" he said "First off how many months?"


"Ok, why does craig not know?"

"Im scared to tell him"



"Are you sure its his, what if its jacobs? and what happened to jacob i liked him and he loves you, this craig guy is nothing but trouble" he vented

"Yes it craigs" i said

"So you cheated on jacob why?"

"I-i cant tell you" i said

"Listen im not here to judge you, im here to show you the way; to help you make good decisions ok. I know this craig guy and hes not on my good side. Now tell me the truth and the whole truth"

"OK, so when i first dated jacob it was good then this guy named roc came into his life and tried to steal him away from me and i guess they had a history anyway when me and jacob were getting sexual he called out his name instead of mine. I was heartbroken and i wanted revenge. so i dated prod and he was good to me. He would buy me anything a treated me like a queen. He said he loved me. He hated seeing me sad and roc and jacob were the cause my sadness so he wants revenge on them and roc caused some crap in his life that he wont tell me. So i fake dated jacob just to break his heart and xavier got back at roc for prod by raping him. Now prod wants to kill them and im going along with it cause im scared hes going to leave me. I love him dad im just scared. I just want a family with him. No jacob, no roc, no boss, no gang, no nothing! I just me prod and the baby and the parents. THATS IT! Is that too much to ask for. But hes so rapped up in this revenge shit he wont stop until their dead. Everytime i mention just quiting he gets angry and starts throwing things it scares me dad it really does. I just want a normal life as a happy family" i cried

My dad hugged me tight

"Listen son i disagree with most of the choices you made, but if you want we could leave. Just me and you, away from all this. I'll help you raise the baby while you go to school. It's up to you but if we are leaving you need to atleast tell him about the baby. In my opinion if he was man enough he would give all that shit up for you so if he doesnt we can leave. Ok son, i dont want to see you hurt. Your all i have left first mom now xavier." he said with tears in his eyes

"I sorry dad" i cried in his chest

"Its ok son, we will make it, ok just please be careful. I cant lose you and my grandchild"

"Yes dad" i said

And with that we cried ourselves to sleep awaiting the future. Im doubting myself now.

Should i leave or stay?






???????? POV

"As i spyed on khalil and his dad i discovered he was pregnant. Hmmm Should i??

Naw im not that cold hearted i'll just lay low. But mark my words when this baby comes he better watch his back.

Blood will be shed!!!!

So how was that. I thought yall should get a intake on khalil side since he is the next victim. How you feel about him now??? and his dad?

I also read the comment from the last chapter! round of applause to yall very smart. I saw some sy the mystery person is jacob or roc or rocs sister! hmm trust you will never expect this person.

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Thanks for reading- love KERIA


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