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Ok hey yall its Keria, sorry for taking soooooo long to update but im having some family and relationship and health issues. But im good, we good, its all good! LOL but I have a few things I just wanted to say and put out their and see if im the only one feeling how I fee. So leggo

1-Prods new tattoo; I thought roc would be the first to get one tbh

2-Whats up with roc and desiree tho? Like is she preggo?

3-Did yall see her fight on IG tho? And the nipple piercing really tho? LOL let me stop trying to chew her

4-Prod quit the group like a month ago and they are just telling us. TBH-like there really is no Mindless Behavior without him. Don't get me wrong they all have good vocals, but prod was like the glue. I mean I love prince, ray, and roc......I love them all equally but without prod what would they do? They were technically backup.

5- Is prod going solo?

6-TM please leave Wanda alone, she wants the best for her son okay. Yall don't need to be bothering her and bashing, because no one really knows why he's leaving. Okay? OKay

7-This is just my opinion......................But I feel like Roc is an asshole. Ray is fake. Prod is lost. Prince -_- lawd who knows. My reasons I say this is because look at roc then and now; I understand you grow up and mature but you have to act like that tho? Ray did a total 180 Idk this ray like I respect his "fashion" choice but ummmmm you doing the most at the moment. Prod- needs a break. Prince- um keep doing whatever your doing

8- To TM I understand some of yall are serious about MB...but you cross the line when you start harming yourself. This past week I have gotten kik messages of young girls killing themselves due to this mb break up. A 13 yr old girl slit her throat when she found out. I love MB as much as yall do but that is just to far. Doing that wont get them back together that actually seperates them more cause now they have that guilt in their heads. So please stop.

9- leave your comments on anything you would like to say......Or if your have thoughts on mb or if you want more info on the young girls taking their lives. Please spread the word

10-KIK @dopeass_yata ........................Instagram @_iluvit_ ..............................Twitter @shakkthomas 

11-Will try and updated secrets this up coming weekend

12-LOve yall #MBISMTB......................stuck in my peacedayze

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