From bad to worst (pt 2)

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Jacob and I rushed zahia to the hospital. We got there in no time. I picked her up bridal style and ran into the hospital.

"HELP HELP MY GIRLFRIEND IS PREGNANT AND FELL ON HER BELLY" i yelled. In no time a bunch of nurse took her into another room. I tried to follow but they wouldnt let me through.

"Im sorry sir you have to wait out here" she said


"Please sir calm down" she said. I was getting ready to blow up and scream when i felt a hand on my shoulder. It was jacob. He pulled me over to a seat.

14 hours later

Family of Zahia" a doc called. Me and jacob stood.

"Is she ok?" jacob asked

"Yes she is fine she has minor bruise on her heads thats all" he said

"And the baby" i asked


?????? POV

"And why should i do this" he asked

"Well sir i know your proffession and you need money to support your daughter jordan, plus we could get a good 15k and i could get 30% of the incom and you keep the rest." i said

"30% no you get 10%" he said

"30% or i tell your daughter what you really do for a livingd i tell boss" i said

He thought for a minute. "Dont tell boss. Are you sure she worth that much in africa?" he asked

"Yes sir, their just going to take her organs their are worth over thousands of dollars" i ensured him

"Ok ill do it. Now who is she, so i could pick her up" he asked

"oh dont worry ill pick her up and drop her here and you can finish the job" i said

"ok" he said holding out his hand. I glady shook it

Dont judge me this money is to pay off boss.

Dee POV (ray sis)

Hi yall. I was upstairs at mrs.crippens house playing with the twins wheni heard screaming. I made sure to put the twins in their bed and went downstairs. I saw the fam downstairs crying and ray carring zahia to the car with uncle jacob. There was a suitcase on the ground. I was walking towards it until  heard someone call my name. I turned around to see ????? standing in the backyard. I ran to ??? and hugged them.

"I missed you" i said

"I missed you to"???? said

"Where have you been?" i asked

"Gone, but you want to go to the park?" they asked

"Sure!!" i said.

We walked to the car. The car had another male in there. I hopped in the backseat with ???? and we drove off. The ride was long, we finally pulled up to this ratchet building.

"This isnt the park" i said

I soon felt a punch to my face. I began to cry. I felt my arms and legs being tied. I was blind folded and lifted. I was soon seated in a chair. I was punched in the face and stomach a couple of times. Then i was sprayed with a liquid and wiped. It hurt so much. I soon heard people talking

"Wait this is her?" a man asked

"Yes" ??? said

"No i cant, i know this girl. thats the smiths daughter" he said

"I dont care, she dies or you die" ???? said

"No find another girl, i will pay extra!" he said

"Ok fine" ???? said

????? took the blindfold off me.

"If you tell i will kill ray and the twins right infront of you then kill you after" ???? said

"Why are you doing this?" i asked

"I owe money and i have to protect my own. If that means killing the innocent for the guilty i will" ????? said

"I hate you, i thought we could trust you" i cried

"Sorry" they said

I nodded my head. ?????? began to beat and kick me and i screamed for ray to help. I soon blacked out.

2 hours later

woke up in the same ratchet building sore bloody and beat. It was empty with only dim lights. I got up with all the strenght i had left and limped to the hospital.

I finally made it to the hospital

"Heeeellllppppp" i faintly said

"HHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEELLLppp" i whispered yelled and fell to the ground

I saw a stranger running towards me and pick me up

"HHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEELPPPPPP" he yelled. I saw nurses coming toward me.

"Sweetheart, stay with me" the nurse said. I noded

"Whats your name?" she asked

"D-dee S-S-Smith" i said before blacking out

Roc pov

I was trying to calm down mrs crippen and jordan when my phone began to ring

"Hello" i said

"Hi, um im a nurse at St. Josheph's hospital a girl named Dee Smith came in here beating and bloodly" she said

"Omg i she ok?" i asked

"Well she is in critical conditionshe blacked out" she said

"Ok im on my way" i said and with that i hung up.

"Guys Dee in the hospital!" i said

"How she was upstairs" jordan said

"I dont know but we need to go" i said. And with that we were on are way to the hospital. I called ray.


"Ray dee's in the hospital" i said

"How!!! Yall didnt watch her!!!!" he yelled ray

"Ray im sorry, i-" (gco) he had hung up.

10 minutes later

We rushed inside!!

"Dee smith" i said

"Room 237"

How you feel?

Are the babies ok?

Jordans dad and mystery person have meet!!

Rays sis dee!! poor babyWill dee tell who did it

How you feel for ray?

Is it rocs fault for not watching her

Wondering who this mystery person is- well think really hard cause im not sayingSame for boss

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