I have a feeling (pt 2)

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Khalil POV

The drive to the funeral was silent. I rode with Jacob, Jordan, Mrs. Crippen, zahia and the twins. While issa rode with roc, ray, dee and prods sis jaz. Followed by other family members.

We finally arrived at the funeral home. We all took are seats as it began. They had prods favorite MJ song "Human nature" playing as everyone viewed the body. They also set up a slideshow filled with videos and pics of prod from when he was a baby dancing and singing to when the twins were born. They even had pictures of me and prod and how happy he was. I had to look away to hold back tears. I felt issa hand on my shoulder. The slideshow was over and MC had ttok the stage

"Hey yall I just wanted to saw thanks for being a part of my son's life. He's probably looking down upon us today. I miss my son. He was my pride and joy my only son. He reminded me so much of his father. They where a hot mess" She laughed "Prod loved dancing and singing. He told me when he grew up he wanted to be just like MJ and Chris brown, Michael Brown as he once said. I remember when I got him some MJ tickets he was like "oh snap!!" every 5 seconds. I miss my baby" she cried and fell to her knees.

Roc and I helped her back to her seat. Don't Moving up (a gospel song) began to play as they closed the casket.

"Mommy when is proddy coming back?" Jaz asked

"Sweethart proddy s going to stay with god and daddy" MC said

"NO I want him to stay with me" jaz said

"Im sorry" MC said trying to hug her but she ran to the casket. She climbed on top and hugged it while crying.

"No I want proddy to stay. Whos going to protect us from the scary man. Whos going to play with me, talk to me, share secrets with? He came in my dream and said today is the day. That means hes coming back!!! I m-miss my brotha  proddy" she cried

I walked to her and picked her up. She hugged me tight.

"Its ok, shhh its ok" I whispered to her

15 minutes later

They buried prod next to his father. Everyone laid their red flowers on his tomb.


MC had took dee and jaz to get some ice cream while the rest of us chilled at the house

"Man what a emotional day" Jacob said. We all nodded in agreement

"Does anyone else find it strange what jaz said today" Jordan asked

"What you mean?" roc questioned

"She said protect us from the scary man and that today is the day" she explained

"Yeah that is strange, I wonder what she meant and who she meant" I said. There was a silence in the room for a moment.

"Well im going to check on my good kids" roc said. I nodded and he proceeded up the stairs.

"La la lala la la la" I sang aloud


I skipped my way up the stairs almost breaking my neck on one of the twins toys. Eh ill pick it up later.

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