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Jacob POV

I have to go get him. I know roc he going to do something stupid. Or should i? He'll be ok, right? Yeah your over reacting Jacob.

"Um im going to go home. Its getting pretty late and we have school." i said

"Ok, do you want me to walk with you?" ray asked

"Naw, bro im good, sorry for my outburst and thanks for the food"

"Welcome, and everything going to be ok" zahia said


"Yes jacob?"

"Do you think he really was sorry" i asked concerned

"Have you read the journal, fully?" she asked

"No really just skimmed it, why?"

"You should read it"

And with that i waved bye. I started my journey to my house. I finally made it and went straight to my room. I layed down in my bed and read his journal.

"That kiss meant everything to me. I finally had the courage to do something. But being the failure i am, he didnt kiss back. My anger got the best of me.....AGAIN. I kinda felt like boss. I feel im slowly becoming him. Having no friends or family, i lost that. Trust i lost that. Jacob, i lost that. Why do i live?"

I kept reading more and more. Things i didnt even know about. The fact that he was raped and forced to stay in the gang for my safety. I read more

"10 men, i felt that. Pain i felt that. Torn i felt that. Why are they so wicked. They took it. My pride. FAG is my title now. I work get beat and raped. Thats the motto round here. I wish my parents were here. Im so sore, i cant feel my legs. 10!!!! Why me? Why is he doing this to me? 10 men, blood is all i felt under me"

I continued to read

"He found another. Another who can love him, better than i can. I wish that was me. but sadly i blew it 2wice!!! Seeing them together makes my blood boil. I send him the roses everyday but maybe its time to confess. I know i hurt him, but maybe he might forgive me. Naw, he hates me. Whats the point, oh yeah i remember. I love him.

He.......l-l-loves me?


"No ,please im sorry prod. I-i didnt know, im sorry. P-PLease"

He kicked me inthe stomach and punched me in the face repeatedly. His goons held me down and laughed. This shit aint funny. when he finished beating me about 20 men came in.

"I call first" one said

"I get head first" another called

They all started to argue over me.

"Hey Hey, There enough of him for everyone ok. Take as long as you want" Prod said while leaving the room and locking the door. Now im stuck and helpless. Im too weak to fight back or even move. They started to come closer to me. I just shut my eyes awaiting this torture. They started to undress me. I could feel at least 4 of them kissing my neck the other rubbing my body and private part. They started to enter me, no lube or anything. I screamed in pain. Another guy stuck his member in my mouth forcing me to give him head. I could feel blood running down my leg. After about 3 hours of this they all through cash at me and left. Prod entered the room picked up the cash.

"Ok slut good job, now clean this mess up" he said.

The room was digusting filled with used condoms and sperm everywhere. Some those bastards didnt even wrap it up. I swear if i catch a std or something. UGH FML! and i have school tomorrow and work. AGAIN F-M-L! I began to write on a piece of paper i found.

"Read this if you dare. Take a journey down the hell hole known as my life. Abuse and rape is all im good for. I feel some helpless. Hand me the gun dear sir, so i may pull the trigger. No regrets of my death only regrets of those i hurt. I guess karma is coming for me. Funny story bro. Tell my tail to all, Read this Read all about it, for it was a long time coming but no my friend dont be sad for my suffering is almost over"



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