Roc beats up crackhead

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first off.......bruh really. You beat up a crack head over $10.....ten damn dollars like really. I thought you was bankrolling and was rich by they way you rant on IG n twitter. Yet your fighting for ten dollars like then you say you from the hood in the video. 😒 Nigga have 2 seats cause that was just unnecessary tbh.

I wasn't there so idk exactly what happened but if it happened how this video looked then your wrong roc. But if there was more to this story like he attacked you for this money then yes you had the right to defend yourself but that extra kick was unnecessary and we all know it.

This is just my opinion but honestly I know people make mistakes and all and no one is perfect but this could have been avoided I believe....TBH this type of stuff makes me no want to rep time a lil bit. Idk y'all tell me what you think.

IF you have not got the chance to see the video the link is below ⬇⬇

watch and tell me what you think.

Mindless Behavior Fight Crackhead:

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