1 chance is all i ask

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After writing i started to cry. No wait that just an under statment. I was balling. I couldnt help it, all those memories all the good times and ALL the bad times just came rushing back. I was ashamed in crying in the open because there was no one at the area i was at the park. I had my own little spot by this pond away from everyone. I just burried my head in my hands and cried and cried and cried. I feel so alone, with no love. All i ask for is a chance, one more chance. Thats all i need right now a chance to make everything right in my life.

Zahia POV

Well today i decided to just chill. Everyone else was busy so i stayed home thinking of things to do. I finally decided to just go to the park, maybe get on the swings or on the slide an go down backwards, cause im a rebel like that!! (honestly i really do that i feel like such a bad-ass but back to the story). I put on a YMCMB hoodie and some grey skinnies with black converse I put my hair in a high bun and got my keys and headed out. Then park was a good 10 minute walk from my house so i took my lazy time. I arrived at the park and to my surprise it wasnt that crowded. Thank god i thought i would have to fight these lil kids for a swing. The swings were close to this little pond with a big tree that i found so beautiful. Not many people knew about it cause it is kinda hinden by brushes an lilttle tress. It had various flowers that i thought were just breath taking and the smell-AMAZING!

I sat on my swing a let the wind blow through my hair. I closed my eyes and just swung. I feel like all my worries are lifted when swing like im flying with the birds. Just free. My thoughts were rudely interrupted by someone crying no wait balling. Whoever it was they were balling hard and loud. It seemed to be coming from the pond area. I decided to go snoop around. (yall know im nosey). I saw a kid in a black jacket, he had his face burried in his hands while he cried. He also hand what look like a journal. I watched him for a good 5 minutes while he kept crying. From time to time he would say "im sorry" or "just give me a chance". I felt bad, I had to go over there and cheer him up.

I walked over to him and tapped his shoulder. He just frooze on me. I tapped him again. He finally turned around and to my surprise it was him!


Why is he here and crying and looked beat up? All these things raced through my head. He looked just as surprised as me. He still had tears running down his face. He looked so helpless, i cant just leave that would be wrong. WWJD zahia WWJD. I hope i dont regret this.

"Roc are you ok?"

He just started crying even more. I knelt down beside him and just hugged him. He just cried in arms. He finally looked up.

"Im sorry zahia, i didnt mean to, im so so so so sorry" he said looking into my eyes while tears came down.

Should i forgive, i mean all that stuff he did to jacob. I looked into his eyes and saw nothing but guilt. He really is sorry. WWJD, WWJD. I really hope i dont regret this one. Jesus give me strength.

"I forgive you roc"


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