Who did this to you

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Monday!!! Great i have school, and im still sore from yesterday. My face is bruised and i limp when i walk. Oh thats not even the worst part, i have to face jacob ALL day. My life is just awesome, just damn fan-fucking-tastic.

"Its time for school slut" Prod said

I got up from bed and crawled to the bathroom. I did my hygein route and took a quick shower. I got dressed in some black skinnys a OFWGKTA hoodie some grey adidas shoes and a wolf gang snapback. I may be hurt but i sure as hell going to dress spiffy. I got my backpack and limped to school.

I went straight to my locker and got my books. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see ray.

"Hey ray"

"Where did you go yesterday?" he said

"UM i went to the park" i said looking down still

"Funny now tell me the truth"

"I-i" i just looked down

"Roc, you got to do what i did and get out this gang. Its not safe. And look at me when i talking to you!"

I kept my head down

"Chresanto fucking august look at me bro!" he whisper yelled

I looked up and he look at me shocked. He shook his head and grabbed my hand leading me to a back hallway no one uses.

"Who did this to you?"

I stayed silent

"ROC!! WHO DID THIS TO YOU and why are you limping?" he yelled

"T-they beat and and r-r-raped me" i said looking down with my fist balled up


"Prod and 20 random men" i said

Ray just hugged me. I couldnt hold it in any longer. i just started to cry, the pain i was feeling.

"Your not back their, ever again!"

"I have to i rejoined and i owe a bunch of money to him"

"How much?"

"over 25 thousand"

Ray stopped hugging me and looked at me with disbelief. "WTF roc, why so much?"

"I missed at least 4 days of work, plus i held prod back and stuff, i spent money on food and a search team"

"Search team?"

"For my sister"

Jacob POV

I woke up, got dressed, and did my hygein route. I grabbed rocs journal and placed it in my backpack. I hope he comes today, i was worried last night and reading his journal made it worst. I made my way to school. I was late so i took my secret route in the school downthis hallway no one uses. As i walked i saw ray and roc talking.

"Who did this to you" ray yelled the other part he muttered

"T-they beat and r-r-raped me" roc said.

Oh no not again but who?

"Who?" ray said

"Prod and 20 othe men" roc said looking down with his fist balled up

I just wanted to cry. I want to help him but prod is a thug. I dont want to die, but i really want to help. I turned around and just took the long way to class. I got to help him someway. Maybe i should follow roc after school. Yeah thats what ill do.


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