Ray & Prod

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Aye its yah boy ray, ray 2wice if you nasty. First pov- turn up!!! But on the real im hype. Ive meet this girl named zahia. Shes so chill and my type. From her hair to her nice brown eys to her lips to her swag. Mhmm she gotta be mine. I got those digits tho!! Anywho-- the year just started and theres already drama going on with of course the 2 drama queens(jacob and roc) I swear those two are like a married couple. Ive known prince for a while so me and him cool. I fear for him you know with the bulling and all, but roc naw. I know him, we were friends but he joined prods lil gang and i couldnt deal. The threats, letters, random calls saying to stay away or your strikes are almost up. (Aint nobody got time for that) How i know about prods gang? Well thats just another secret for another day.

I heard prince was put in the hospital. I hope hes ok. I heard he got beat bad. Problly by roc. Roc messes with him for no reason at all. I have to go talk to him but first i need to see prince but later.

I have to get my lil sis from school. Then make dinner. Yes i live alone with my sis. Are parents died in a "car crash" but i dont believe that, and I know who killed them. So now its just us. My parent left enough money for us to survive just in case something happens but i still work. Anyway that it.

Prod POV

Hey yall its me prodigy but i go by prod now. Yeah i was a goody-2-shoes but that all changed when boss took me in. Hes like the father i never had and sometime wish i hadnt had. Yeah but YOLO right? Im in this gang, yeah shoot deal, kill, rape. Thats the life i only knew. Sounds sad right but i get paid and get a free home so its good with me. Roc, yeah i know that lil gay nigga. I had to take him in cause of boss. I hate roc with a dear passion because boss favors him. I hate that so me and my boys usually beat burn a rape him. I know what you thinking "you jealus gay bastard" well you can say what you want. I plan on killing him and his little bf.

{Bo$$} keep a close eye on zahia. Befriend but dont tell---keep roc outta this case and if he doesnt stay away you know what to do.

HEY yallll, short but thought u shud know a lil about ray and prod-------------HMM seems like some1is jealus. Zahia better stay away!!!!!!

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