over time

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***************************** 2 Month Later **************************************************************

Jacob POV

 Yeahhhhhhh baby!!! Im happy as hell right now! Want to know why? Well im going to tell you anyway. Well first off im out of the hospital been out for 2 weeks now. It sucked their, the food was just nasty! Then i would get bored just sitting in that room all day. Then my butt kept hurting. That not even the worst part-- I was beat so bad that i needed help to pee!!! That was just embrassing for. I aint want random nigga coming in touching my lollipop and stuff. Ion know where your hands been. But let me stop with the negative while i was there i had some good moments too. Zahia would visit me everyday talk and bring me some real food with my homework ofcourse. Ray, Naomi and Jordan visited too. My mom called to check on me too. Shes in russia right now for some busiess trip thing i miss her but its all good. I also got these beautiful rose green flowers sent to me with a note attacted to it everyday. It was kinda of strang cause it never said who or where they were from. The notes usaully said i love you- from your true secret <3. I wish i knew who sent them. (By the way i still get them but in my locker now)

Now back to the present. I still go to the same school. And school is actually fun. Never thought i would be happy at school. Well roc has been leaving me alone. And im glad i dont, i dont have to worry about being beat to death everyday for no reason. He still stairs at me though and its very weird so i try not to mind.

Now to catch up with friends. Well Ray and Za-za are dating!! He finally asked her out. The way he did was so Ray- he did it with tacos lol. Instead of just doing what normal people do, but no tacos! Nai And J and single. As for me, well im dating this guy. His name is khalil. We have been dating for 3 weeks. He just so adorable, he really sweet nice sexy funny sexy smart sexy loving sexy caring and SEXY. From his nice short curly hair, to his dimple when he smiles, to his nice shaped lips, mhmm, then his abs!! Oh Lawd Jesus its a fire!!! He aint got no 6 no 8 but 10 pack! Baby got it going on in all the right places!!! Dont forget he got big feet too!!! Yall know what that mean?? Let me stop before fernando comes out. But hes mine All mine!!!

Finally my life is getting better!!!! I just hope it stays that way.


Well im a mess. My life is hell. For one after my moment at the park prod and his crew beat me. So i skipped school and kind of ra awaycause the pain was horrible and i didnt want to be there. I slept on a bench for 2days. I was tired and hungry so i went back. Dumb move on my part! I got their and they were waiting for me asking question like were did i go. I didnt answer them which made them mad. They beat me and beat me. All i thought about was jacob. Is this how he felt when i beat him. I miss him, i wish i could start over but i cant. I send him green flowers everyday. Green is his favorite color. Those thoughts brought a smile on me face. I guess they saw, so they beat me even more. Then they got tired of beating and decided to change it up. So the raped me. The pain was terrible, it hurt so much. I was to weak to fight back. All i could do was cry and cry.

I missed a whole week of school because of them. When i came back jacob was at school. I want to talk to him but im too scared. He probally hates me. I decided to keep send the flowers and a note. I put them in his locker and waited around the corner for him tosee them. He would usaully smile and smell them. His smile brightened up my day. Maybe there was a brightside to this life.



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