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old flames that never burn down

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Jacob POV

Wow she likes me! I hope she she stays away from roc,i saw them talking and i know he likes her. I wish he just disappear; everythng i want or like in life he comes and takes it from me.

Next day

As i walked down the hallway i saw roc by my locker. Oh god(big sean voice). I feared the worst, why cant he just leave me alone. I know what happened with my gf and the "kiss" was the past but he wont let it go. He tries to scare me by beating me some i wont say we kissed. It just happened- dont judge me gosh. But anyway as you can see im bi and he is too but he wont admit it. After the day we kissed he turned into a complete man whore, and i hate it.

As i continued to walked to my locker he just stood their. When i reached there he just stared at me then bell rung. I tried to get my things as fast as i could when i felt hands on my neck.I turned around only to be inches away from his face. He just stood there staring into my eyes. I waited for him to punch me but instead he..............


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