Played You

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Javier POV

If only they knew I was only leading them to there deaths. I feel terrible but I have a family to you know. If your wondering yes I speak English very well actually. I've been working for boss since day 1 I know the full plan, see we have known all along. Rocs parent prod these babies them being gay PLANNED we are so smart. Why we do what we do.......I will let boss explain that part.

Anyway let me call these goons so they can come.

Text convo

-we are by the old farm house be quiet they are asleep.

- ok on the way

These fools

Jacob POV

I wake to the sound of heavy breathing, the feeling of flies and ants all over me. God I hate nature Disney makes this shit look beautiful but in reality its not. I check around to make sure theres no goons around. I wake everyone up so we can continue our trail.

"Where to javier' I said

"IDK" he said I stare at him

"Hahaha you funny but frfr where to" I said

"I really don't know" he said

Before I knew it I was over his body punching him. How could he our lives are at state we have innocent children with us and now he doesn't know, well ill just beat the memory into him.

"JACOB STOP PLEASE STOP!" I heard roc scream. I felt myself being lifted off of him.

"Chill" I heard issa say

"Hahaahahaha" Javier laughed spitting out blood

"Why the fuck are you laughing" I sneered at him

"You see Jacob I was thinking about saving all of you, but you just changed my mind. Thanks to Jacob your all going to die.. GOONS GET THEM!"

Next thing I know we were surrounded by at least 30 goons. This nigga set us up

I felt myself get hit in the head and it was all a blur............


I woke up changed to a whale in what looked like to be a cellular. Ray, Issa, Khalil, Jacob, Zahia, With the twins in a play pin.

Bright lights flashed on with the sprinklers waking everyone up. We all said nothing, just waiting for our faith to end.

The door opened and in came the masked man, boss and 2 goons with guns.

"Well well well" you want to escape now don't you, you see I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but you betrayed hurt" he faked cried. "AWWW but now I get to kill you" he laughed

"WHY why did you do this? Torture us, kill our loved ones? Why just tell me why" zahia cried

"Why? WHY! You brats are the rue of my life. I HATE ALL OF YOU. You sicken me. EVERYTIME I see you I want to throw up espically you roc, Your the reason everyone else is here!" he yelled

"You thought you could run from me babygirl but daddy always finds you" boss said

Zahias face turn pale white

" dad?"

"In the flesh" he said with a cheesy smile "I see a baby bump, I knew you were a slut like your mother so who is the father?" he asked

it was silent

He pulled out a guy and aimed it at my belly "I will not repeat myself"

"ME!" I heard ray say

"bingo!!!, hi there sonny im her father nice to meet you and r.i.p" he held the gun to rays head and BANG


"Opps my bad HA, well it was nice seeing al of you" and with tat he left.

Yeah that's all im publishing for now

sorry I have been gone so long but moms took away the laptop due to grades

so very sorry yall truly am

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but on the other hand lets catch up

-Rocs new tattoo(so he think he grown now boy betta take care of that baby)

-Prods valentine video(now we all know prod can do better, come on now the repeat of lyrics over and over and over -_- A for effort)

-Ray(bob marley on his back or nah? trying to get back with star cuz she got a man or nah?)

-Princeton(last I heard he had a fan(gay) that he has been seeing and meeting up with and the fan put out some dm tweets about the kisses n sum pics)

-Now ik he not in mb but Chris Brow Loyal vid come out tomorrow I luv that song I can relate to it so much being in what happened Friday yall ...sorry but I need to vent

but I had this bestfriend and me and him was so that sum girl(tey don't even date) came in his life he changed. Now the day before at lunch he was talking to me and sum friends about how he would never call a female a bitch unless they were the most disgusting most foul hoe on the day at lunch he calls me a bitch! Now am I wrong to take that to heart or naw? like really im suppose to be your bestfriend and he dogged me out like that(I threw my unch on him) walked and cried in the bathroom for 2 whole periods. Idek why I cried his opinion shouldn't matter to me right? but I need some guidance I have hime first period and im afraid if I c him im going to burst in tears... what should I do(I cant skip)


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