Secrets (a mindless behavior love story)

Secrets (a mindless behavior love story)

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Keria By mindless_kk Updated Jul 15, 2016

August 14: 1st day of school

Zahai's POV:

School had just began and again im the new girl. A junior at that. I didnt know anyone or anthing about this city other than what ive seen on tv. I moved here with my mom from Atlanta to Miami. We escaped my father and now i rarely see him. As we were driving to my school i was in deep thought: what if im bullied again, what if they see the bruises, what if....... My mom cut me off "Zahai you are going to love your school, its the best in the district!" she said trying to make me feel better. "I dont know what if I dont fit in?" I asked staring out the window as we pulled up to my new school. "You'll be just fine, just be yourself ok sweetie." "K. bye mom love you" I said as she drove off.

I walked to the office to get my schedule. "How may i help you" said the woman at the desk. 'Zahai Luke". She handed me my schedule, first class was chemistry at classroom 201A.(This school is huge and i dont know my way around at all). It took me awhile t...

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unfuckablegiver unfuckablegiver Apr 15, 2016
*voice from vine* Damn why you need to know all up in my pu*sy booy!
kiboo22 kiboo22 Jun 11, 2016
Its actually not long at all roc slept wit prince girl but she a hoe anyway and thay have beef because of it and roc is a manwhore who bullies prince its not long at all
unfuckablegiver unfuckablegiver Apr 15, 2016
Damn, OK, go ahead and spill the tea to these females you just know hoes be messy!
MissesMindless MissesMindless Aug 23, 2013
Well hot damn... I was just getting excited cuz I though I was bout to know