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I have a feeling

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1 week later.

Dee was released from the hospital but she put herself on mute and locks herself in the room all day only coming down to eat when she feels hungry. She only talks to Jacob barely but still wont tell who beat her. She began to act up in school on her first day back. Ray is very worried about her, the stress is overwhelming. With dee acting out and Zahia still in the hospital he stuck.

Speaking of Zahia she is fine. She did not lose the baby but came very close to killing the baby and herself. The baby is due in a couple weeks. She is to be released today.

As for roc and Jacob they are still going strong, helping ray, za, dee, issa, Khalil, and mrs. crippen. A lot of helping, but they don't mind.

Ever since the suitcase thing Khalil has locked himself in his room, only coming out for the needs of his twins. Khalil avoids conversation with issa only speaking to roc. Khalil know his days are numbered so he spends his last moments with his loves. Bringing him to tears see their faces reminds him of prod. His first love gone. But he stays strong for his babies.

Issa has been trying his hardest to talk to Khalil but fails. He loves Khalil dearly so he stays strong hoping things will go back to normal. Currently he is helping Mrs. Crippen plan prod funeral. It is set up to be this Saturday afternoon.

Jordan has been mia. Only be seen here and there. She dyed her hair velvet red and changed her eye color to hazel. Why you may ask well ever since the suitcase thing she has been receiving death threats like, your days are number or your life is in their hands. She tried calling her dad but he disconnected the phone and she has no idea where he works or what he does. She tried calling Naomi but she didn't answer.

Mystery person has something big coming up. At the end blood will be shed, no mercy will be shown.

Boss he is currently waiting. He has been receiving death threats.

Back to the story-----------------------


3 hours later

"hey" he said

" Baby, talk to me. Im here for you. Tell me whats going on?" he asked

"Here for me? Ha, im alone! Theres a mad man after me, my kids, my friends!! They took my brother and my father now the father of my kids.I cant take care off these kids by myself. I haven't sleep in 2 days, I almost dropped ka'jai cause of how sleepy I am. I want to be the best I can but idk. Then I know I was a terrible person in my past, but was I really that bad? Am I really a monster? I just want to be safe. If it wasn't for my kids I would have been killed myself. I feel like this is all my fault. From Jacobs mom to my brother to my dad to prod now to the threats. I cant take it its too much." I cried

"Baby, its not your fault, im here for you. Your not alone, you don't have to fight alone. Im going to help you with the twins, with these death threats, with it all. I don't care how long it takes. I made a promise to prod to take care of you and love you, and that's what im going to do. I would take a bullet to head for you. Your my treasure, the one. I love you Khalil and always will" issa said



























Ok well their you go. A little something something

Sorry I haven't updated, I was getting ready for school to start and ive been sick.

But how you feel

Write the sex scene or not? Let me know

Shot 4 me by Drake

Kinda mad at MB, they cancelled on us in Florida :-(

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Pwease and thank you

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