From bad to worst

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Issa POV

Today me and the fam went to go visit khalil. I dropped the twins by my moms house for a couple of hours. She has been nagging me to see theses babies. SMH Anyway i was jamming to usher daddys home with extra bass. Oh yeah just thinking of khalil. Thats are song by the way!!! I miss him but the doc called me and said that he moving and making noises now.

20 minutes later

I walked into to khalils room to be greeted by the fam.

"Hey guys"

"Hey" they all said

"Wheres jordan?" i asked laying in the bed with khalil. They all shrugged

"Idk but she said she couldnt make it" ray said

"Oh ok" i said

We sat and chilled in the room talking to khalil. Even though he cant talk back doesnt mean he cant know whats going on.

3 hours later

Mrs. Crippen and jordan had just walked in the room and we all began to talk about things. I was talking to khalil when i heard him speaking.

"Khalil?" i asked

"Y-yes?" he said

"YOUR UP!!! BABY IVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!" i yelled hugging him

"And soon to be deaf" he said covering his ears

I laughed. Same ole khalil. I was soon pushed to the floor by roc and zahia.

"Ouch!!" i said but they ignored me

"Your up we missed you buddy!!!!" they yelled jumping in the bed and kissing all over his face

"Ahem!!!" jacob cleared his throat.

"Dont Those lips are mine!!!!!!" jacob said. Roc pulled hmself together and straighten his clothes

"Sorry" roc mumbled

"Sorry what?" jacob said

"Really jacob we are i public" roc said

"Idc SAY IT" jacob yelled

Roc looked up at him with dark eyes. Not filled with evil but lust. He walked sudectively over to jacob and tranced his chest. He got close to jacobs ear and said "Im sorry Papii" while biting his ear.

"R-roc stop" jacob whimpered

"No" roc said and then began to kiss his neck. Jacob then picked roc up and threw him over his shoulder.

"Um bye yall, i got to teach roc a lesson" he said walking out

"NASTY ASSESS" khalil yelled

We all laughed and caught up on things

Next day

We were all at my house having a little get together. Khalil finally saw the twins. H e wouldnt let go of them. We finally convinced him to put them down for a nap. Mrs. Crippen and my mom were in the kitchen throwing down while the rest of us played poker.

There was a knock at the door

"Oh ill get it" zahia said woddeling over to the door.

Zahia POV

I got up and woddeled to the door. I opened the door and didnt see any one. Strange. I looked down and saw a black suitcase and a note.I grabbed the note. It read "OPEN ME from mystery" I bent down to the suitcase and opened it.

What i saw was the most horibbly, sick, evil thing i ever saw in my life.  couldnt take the sight. I started to get dizzy.

Issa Pov

THUD!!! Was all i heard then i seen zahia on the floor with her face in the ground. Jordan ran to her but soon screamed


Then mrs.crippen came out. Her whole face turned pale. she dropped to her knees.

"MY BABY, MY BABY!!!! WHY MY BABY" she screamed and cried. Ray rushed to zahia's side and picked her up while jacob ran behind him to the car. Roc ran to comfort Mrs. crippen and jordan.

Khalil slowly rose up  and walked to the suitcase. He stood over it. He bent down and pick up what looked like photos. He examined them then so dropped them and walked out the door.

I slowly rose and walked to the suitcase. I picked up the photos. All 4 photos this is what the said

1-xavier (with a check mark)

2-prod (check mark)

3-khalil (Next)

4- jordan and the twins(you choose who will die)

I walked to the suitcase and saw a prod's body chopped up into pieces. His head with a bullet hole in the middle and letters cut into his face.

next on his head then jordan or one side of his face and khalil on the other side. and twins on his jaw


















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