He had to pay

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Jacob POV

Well lunch was over and i missed 2 classes. Well skipped. I stayed in the closet just thinking. I just broke my boyfriends, well ex heart and surprisingly idgaf. Like im happy but sad. Happy because im single and i felt he was cheated on me but sad cause im confused about roc. Why? Milllion dolllar question!

I pulled out roc journal and began to write in it. I know what you thinking "why the hell are you writing in the boy journal, he said read it not write" well this jornal is huge so just use a couple of pages to free my mind. I began to write-

Well im a single man now! I should be sad right? But im not. I did the most heartbreaking thing and idgaf at all. Why you ask? Well i guess the one i was with i didnt love. I mean beginnig i did, but now i dont. I finding myself to love another. During my sexual encounter with my ex i called roc! Out of all people ROC! Its like my heart says forgive but my mind is like hell no! This is so hard, you dun no. The stress is getting to me now, i feel hot tears forming in my eyes. Why do i care for someone who hurt me so much?UGH fuck all these mixed emotions!!

I didnt notice i was crying till i saw tears on the paper. I hate feeling. I wish i didnt have feelings. I wouldnt feel hurt and pain or longing. I feel alone. I stood up and found a letter opener. "Your not my friend im used to but we can get to know eachother better." i said to the letter opener. I cut my arm 3 times and just sat there. My vision got blurry. I heard footsteps, then i saw the door open. I could see who it was. Next thing i know


I felt a pain in my chest. I knew i was going to die. No one is around to hear me scream or the shots. I was slowly blacking out.


"Where the hell is jacob?" zahia asked

"Idk, ask khalil" said naomi

"AYE YO KHALIL!" zahia yelled even though hes 5 feet away -_-

"Damn gurl save that for the bedroom" ray said with a smirk

She slapped the back of his head lol.

"What?" khalil asked with a attitude

"Eh boo boo, better stop with that damn attitude." jordan said

"What do yall want?" he said

"Where jacob?" ray asked

"How should i know" he said

"He yoh damn boyfriend" zahia said sounding ghetto

"Hes my ex now, last time i saw was in the closet by sec 3" he said walking away

Ex? So jacob single now!..............................................YESSSSSS (happy dance) Ok calm down roc. Why did he skip class? This boy loves school, if he was sick he would come in a bubble just to learn.

"Well im going to see if he still in the closet" i said

"Want me to come?" ray asked

"Naw stay with your girl" i said walking away. I finally made it to the closet. I saw blood coming from the door. WTF. I opened the door to see a Jacob on the floor. Blood everywhere. I freaked out! 

"Jacob" i said shaking him. no response. I checked his pulse i was low. I called 911 and called for help.

Help finally came and took jacob to the hospital. I sat i the hallway next to the closet. My clothes were bloody. Hot tears ran down my face. I saw ray, zahaia, naomi, and jordan running towards me.

"What happened, why are your clothes bloody?" zahia asked

"I found jacob, he cut himself then someone shot him 3 times" i said looking down

"Is he ok" ray asked

"IDK" i said

Prod POV

He made my baby cry. He had to pay!!



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