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(skipping 3 months in time- nothing really happened so yeah, back to the story)

3 Months later

Jacob POV

"Really khalil? Im sick of your shit! How could you? I gave you all of me! My heart, my soul, my body, my mind, half of my place, my money, and that promise ring!" I yelled with tears streaming down my face. Everyone was staring at me in the hallway, but i didnt give 2 shits. 'I LOVE YOU!" i screamed falling to my knees sobbing. "I thought you loved me? Why khalil? WHY" i shouted

He pushed me off of him. "I never loved you,I love want, desire and fuck HIM" he said pointing to prod  "You are nothing to me, i wanted your money!" he shouted. Ouch!

"Y-You cheated on me with p-prod? WHY!" i shouted 'What did i do wrong?"

"Nigga look at you! Your pathetic, worthless!" he laughed "Please home boi why wouldnt i leave you?,i mean nigga your too damn clingy, your ugly, no one wants you, your a stupid emo wortless child with bad stroke game! I needed a man in my life! Your nothing but childs play boo-boo" he said walking towards prod and then kissing him. That made my blood boil. I couldnt take it anymore, i attacked him. I got a couple good punches but soon found myself on the floor recieving multiple blows to the face. I curled up in a ball protecting my face from anymore harsh blows.

I soon heard screaming and looked up to see zahia and the gang running towards the comtion. Ray had some how pulled prod away from me. Prod still trying his best to break free. Roc and zahia helped me up. I wiped the blood from my lip with the back of my hand. I just starred at prod who had finally calmed down. He started to chuckle, like wtf? His cray ass!

"What the hell is so funny?" i asked getting irrated. He laughed even harder. Thats it i lost it. I rushed towards him and started punching him in the face. Blow after blow. He was still laughing not even putting up a fight. I was soon pulled off him by roc. He stood up slowly still laughung.

"Oh jacob, jacob, jacob." he said shaking his head "You know your just like your mother. You know she put up good fight at first until, well you know how it ended.Boss always picked the fiesty ones" he said with a slight chuckle. How did he know what happened to my mother. Only people that know is ray, zahia, and roc.


I had just got off work heading to my house. Yes i work got to eat somehow! Well anyway i took my regular route home, just thinking about everything. I thought about my friends and my lovely boyfrined. Things are going good i guess, i mean me and khalil could be better. Hey has been stand-offish towards me. He doesnt kiss or hug me anymore. He hates me mom and my mom hates him to. What can i do! Zahia and ray are good, but i believe she preggo. That girl can eat all the mcdonalds in the world and still be hungry lol. If she is ill still be there for her. they my ROD'S. As for roc were cool i guess. He talks to me from time to time, but he mostly talks to ray. He always working too but no one knows where he works. Well water it is it pays hella well.

I finally made it home. I put my key in the door and opened it. "MOM IM HOME" i yelled. No answer. Thats strange maybe she didnt hear me. I cleared my throat. "MMMMMMOOOOOOMMMM, IM HOOOMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE!" i yelled. No answer. Hm maybe she left or something. I made my way to the kitchen only to discover a note on the table. It read * Tisk Tisk jacob! Let me introduce myself im your lil secret! Because of your stupid actions it caused me and someone else to get hurt. You dont even know the pain we felt, but you will soon! Wondering where you mother is? Try her room. O yeah before you go that money you have saved up will be mine soon- dueces*

I crumbled up the paper and ran to my mother room. I barged in the room only to fing my mother on lying in a pool of blood with a red sticky note on her forehead. I took the note on to reveal a bullet hole. I gasped at the horrific sight. I read the note *HAHAH surprise happy early b-day. Ha feel my pain bitch, oh but dont cry theres more pain to come. I have 3 more targets. want a hint? yes ok ill gladly tell u 2 R's with a side of Z and maybe a short d in there too depending on my mood-toodles*

I crumbled the note up and fel to my knees crying


"You dont want to end up like her do you?" he asked

"It was you?" i asked

"Not alone" he said starring behind me. I followed his gance to.................................................CLIFFY










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