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Secrets (a mindless behavior love story)

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August 14: 1st day of school

Zahai's POV:

School had just began and again im the new girl. A junior at that. I didnt know anyone or anthing about this city other than what ive seen on tv. I moved here with my mom from Atlanta to Miami. We escaped my father and now i rarely see him. As we were driving to my school i was in deep thought: what if im bullied again, what if they see the bruises, what if....... My mom cut me off "Zahai you are going to love your school, its the best in the district!" she said trying to make me feel better. "I dont know what if I dont fit in?" I asked staring out the window as we pulled up to my new school. "You'll be just fine, just be yourself ok sweetie." "K. bye mom love you" I said as she drove off.

I walked to the office to get my schedule. "How may i help you" said the woman at the desk. 'Zahai Luke". She handed me my schedule, first class was chemistry at classroom 201A.(This school is huge and i dont know my way around at all). It took me awhile till i realized i was lost. Great!! My first day and im lost. I kept walking when i heard screaming.

As i ran toward the noise i saw this kid with a huge afro on the floor against the lockers. His body looked lifeless until i saw him try to move. I ran to his side and helped him get up. As i tried to help him he held his face down. Then he pick up his glasses and put them on. He had bruises all over his face, with a busted lip, and some cuts. I took his shades off to see he had a black eye. His other eye was red a puffy. I could see he had been crying. "Are you o.k?" i asked. He was silent just staring at the ground. "Do you want me to take you to the nurse?" He just started walking to what look like a janitors closets and got a first-aid kit. It was like he was prepared, like this had happened everyday or something. I got the first-aid an helped him clean up his bruises,he was still silent. "Who did this to you" "no one" he said. "Look i wont hurt you, you dont have to lie" i said. "why dont you just mind your business" he said in a angry tone. "Look i was just trying to help, you dont have to be rude. I could've left you there, but i didnt!" i said. "Well, why didnt you" he said. "Cause i know what its like to be bullied smart ass" i said raising my vioce. "Sorry i didnt mean to upset you, i thought you were like them." "Its ok" i said. "So are you new here or something, cause i've never seen you before?" he said. "Yeh im new. Iwas looking for room 201A but i got lost" i said looking down embrassed blushing. He lifted my chin look straight at me smiling "Its ok, you dont have to be embrassed." No lie this kid is cute. Even with bruises he cute so without them he must be sexy AF!! But why would someone want to hurt him? My thoughts faded as i noticed his hand waving in my face. "i'll take you your class, and im jacob by the way but you can call me princeton" he said getting up extending his hand. "im Zahai" "Thats a nice name" "Thanks it means beautiful in arabic" i said taking his hand. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he said with a smirk on his face. All i could do was blush. Why is this boy so cute. I wonder if he has a girlfriend?

As we were walking down the hall still hand in hand, he suddenly stopped. His hand tensed and he just stared at the floor. I looked up and saw a boy walking toward us. He was light skinned tall and handsome with nice full lips and nice brown eyes. I could tell he was built by his arms. As he approached he looked me up and down and smirked. "Aye,ma. You new around here cause i havent seen a girl this beautiful in a long time." I just blushed and looked down. I felt princes hand tense up, so i looked at him. He seemed piss but why? "Aye, im chresanto but you can call me roc" "hi im zahai" "That a nice name"roc said. "Thanks" "So you want to hang later or something" he said. "Yeh sure, but can prince come?" It got silent. Prince looked up and stared at roc and roc did the same.

Prince's POV

I hated roc with a dear passion. He the reason my lifes a living hell. Hes the reason i have a busted lip and black eye and bruises. Hes a jerk! I dont see why girls even like him. He a player too! He just uses girls to get what he wants then throws them away like they were trash. He has always hated me. He even slept with my girl.


As i pulled at my girls house, i put the key in the door i walked upstairs to her bedroom . I heard noises so i just pressed my ear against the door. "Say my name!" "R-ROOOOOOOOOCCC!!" "Good girl". I couldnt believe what i was hearing. How could she! I couldnt take it anymore i barged in full of rage. "WTF IS THIS YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH THIS NIGGA! "PRINCE, stop im sorry i got caught u-" i cut her off. "HOW COULD YOU? I TRUSTED YOU EVEN L-LO- UGHHH!!" i couldnt even finish. I heard her crying and looked up to see roc smirking. He did this on purpose just to fuck with me. I couldnt take it so i just stormed out. It hurt so much because we loved eachother. I'll never forgive him or her!


Zahai POV

We stood there in silence which seemed like forever. "I was kinda hoping it would be just me and you?" "ok sure" "Cool see you around " Roc said walking away. He never really answered my question. Something isnt right. Why would prince tense up like tha? "Are you ok?" i asked looking at him. He was silent. I asked again but this time he let my hand go. "Prin-" "Lets just get to class!" he said sounding annoyed with me. "Are  you jealuse?" "If you want that then you can have it" he said walikng off angered. I followed him "Why are you acting like this?" "Look just stay away from roc!!" "No i can do what the hell i want!" i said walking away to class. He thinks he can tell me who to hang with and stuff, who he think he is? I just got here and im already ready to leave.(but i finally found my class) 

Princeton POV

She may think he just wants to hang out, but she should be careful. Yeah i should tell her about him being a player, but i dont want her to hate me. And i cant let roc see me like her or she will end hurt. I have to protect her.

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