i KNOW your type

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Zahai POV

Well the rest of the day was boring other than the glares i got from princeton. School was basiclly over. So i decided to walk home since my mom had to work late. As i exited the school i felt a hand on my shoulder. I gasped and turned around to see who it was. Roc

Roc: Im sorry i didnt mean to scare you

Me: its ok

Roc: so


Roc:So you like it here?

Me: not really i miss home, and i dont really know anyone.

Roc: oh. well you can get to know me!!

Me: uh......no thanks

Roc: why not?

Me: i know your type to well and im not falling for it

Roc: oh really. then explain my "type" to me

Me: well your probally a jock and popular, get everything you want, selfish, and thinks he can get any girl you want then once you the "thing" you want from them you leave not caring how they feel and move on to the next.

Roc: so you think im a player?

Me: basiclly

Roc: Ouch, well i know your type to!

Me: oh really whats my type

Roc: well your one of those girls who seem  very stubborn and probaly dont trust alot. You probally got your heart broken and cant trust any guy anymore. and when a nice non-playerish guy,(cough) me(cough) tries to take you out you shoot them down

Zahai thoughts-(wow i guess he kinda does know me or at least part of my situtation. WAIT did he just ask me out???)

Roc: and yes that was my akward way of asking you out

Zahai thoughts-(did he just read my mind or something, idk if i should hes cute and all but from what i heard this would end badl and what about jacob?)

Me: umm no

Roc: how come i like you and i know you like me?

Me: like i said i know your type

Roc: sure you do at least get to know me

Me: fine

Roc: ok well i gtg but see you at school tomorrow

Me: BYE!! *waving bye*

Did i do the right thing? IDK watev i got to get home.

Short but watev having a lil writers block>>>>

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