But i need the money

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-------------------------------------1 WEEK LATER---------------------------------------------------


After the whole jacob and prod situtation ive been to myself lately. I dont speak to anyone enless the are clients or boss or my teachers. Thats it! I had to clear my head, cause i have alot on my mind. For 1) im a senior and i have to prepare for college 2) i want to move out of the dope house 3) i have to pay for college 4) i HAVE to pay boss back! UGH Its life a bitch. This dealing is going to slow for me im only bringing homw 10K a week and 2/3 goes to boss and half of that 1/3 left goes to my saving for college and the other half goes for clothes and food. FML i got to find another hustle so i called up my home boi Damien. He stay hustling. Hes also gay, well bi actually.

Phone convo:

R- aye D

D- wassup roc

R- nunin much i need to make some mo money tho, got any new hustles that poppin

D- well there 1 but i dont think you should get invovled in it

R- plez i really need the money for college and to pay boss back, plez bro

D- fine, but dont say i didnt warn you

R- ok so what is it

D- look just meet me @ my house round and then we'll talk

R- k, ill b their after school

D- k bye

Phone convo end:

Skipping to after school because nothing happened other than seeing jacob and khalil make-out half the time

I finally arrived at D house. I knocked on the door.

"Hey Roc!!" he yelled hugging me tight

"Wassup D i havent seen you in like forever!" i said

"IKR, come in" he stepped aside allowing me inside. All i can say is OMG! This place is amazing. He had a pool table a 72' inch flat screen tv, a huge fish tank with a these exotic fish in it.  A nice velvet red couch to compliment the cream with wall. He had strange but beautiful art hanging down everywhere Plus this house is HGE. Last time i saw his he had a 1 bed room apt with only a matress in it now he has a 3 bedroom pent house.

"Damn, when you got money to get this?" i asked flabergasted 

"With this new hustle im doing" he said walking in the kitchen bring out 2 glasses of punch

"What hustle hook me up?" i said curious.

"Look, im telling you dont do this hustle, i mean mr underwood is a nice boss and his son back there is nice too but his other one is a pain. If he dont get want he want he has his bf come kill you" he said with a concerned look. Underwood that name is so familiar. I was going to say something when i was cut off by a handsome dude in only his underwear speaking

"Hey bae you ready for round 3?" he said eyeing me

"Um sure just give me 10 minutes k" D said

"Aight" he said winking at me then walking back to where ever he came from

"Who was that your boyfriend?" i said

"No, hes my client" he said looking down


"Look roc this is the new hustle, i do it because it pays good" he said still looking down

"How much" i asked

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