my letter

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Well today is saturday AKA torture day. The reason because i failed my math test and biogology test. What did they expect. Im fucking superman over here. I mean would you be able to study if everyday you come home your beat or rape or even both. Then when i get to school i dont pay attention. Thats the only time i get to sleep. Ive been literaly restless. I only pay attention for a while then doze off. Today prod hasnt even paid me anymind. Hey i aint complaining. I decided to go to the park and clear my head. I threw on a white teewit a black hoodie jacket and some old black jeans with my black vans. I always loved the park. IDK if it was just the open space or if it was just how you can act like a kid their and have no worries. I brought my journal to. Yes i have a journal, it helps me express my self. I write almost every and anything. From what i ate to when i cried to how much i weighed. Silly right? Well thats just me. I started righting in here after me a jacob stopped being friends. I miss him, i really am sorry about everything i just didnt know how to express myself. Well at least in a good way. I began to write--

Missing you

I miss are laughs, are stares, are hugs, are bond, are friendship, and are trust. I cant help my feelings for you. I know i might sound crazy but i miss are kiss too. The thought of your soft lips on mines makes me blush-hard. I used to be your rock and you were my misfit. I loved how i could tel you anything and you had my back. We were like brothers but deep down inside i wanted to be way more. And when you finally did too, i blew it. I feel like an idiot. This might sound crazy but all those beating were me trying to explain my love for you. Yes i said love. Shocking right? Well i would get s frustated that i just lahed out on you. Why i dont know. Now i see you with another. It breaks my heart. well at least the little that is left. You know my pain and have felt it- and for that im sincerly sorry.


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