Can we try again

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Jacob POV

Well ive been in this hell hole of a hospital for a week. They have me on medicine that helps me gain strenght or some crap, but its good want to know why! Well i have my so to be roc visit me everyday!  I also got my girl za by my side and her boo ray. I swear everytime i see him boy always got a damn taco with him. and they be popping from the air i swear! 

But anyway i just sitting hear watching ATL. Man i love this movie, i swear T.I was looking sexy 24/7 in the movie. (fanning myself) Right in the middle of the movie i heard a knock on the door. I looked to who it was:

"What do you want?" i said coldly

"Just came to visit you, so stop with the attitude. I did nothing wrong" they said

"Your right, sorry. why are you hear?" i said

"To see you of course, i wanted to apologize for getting mad" they said

"Its ok" i said as they came closer and sat on the edge of my bed. They began to cry.

"Why are you crying?" i asked signaling them to come closer

"I miss you, i was just mad and i didnt know what else to do, i-im sorry" they said

Truth be told i really did miss them. I mean he was my first actual boyfriend, he was there for my when i was at my low. Hes the reason i stopped cutting myself and boost my self-esteem. I never really got over him. I kinda of loved him.

"I miss you too,khalil" i said hugging him

"Can we try again?" khalil asked

Should i or wait on roc. My heart cant take anymore hurt. Half my heart says khalil the other says roc.


On my way to see jacob! My future boo!! Hmm Jacob perez-August i like the sound of that! Dont you?

Anyway i picked up some green roses for him and a bear too. O yeah! Well im finally made it. I went straight to his room but stopped. I heard crying and talking. I peeped my head in and saw jacob and khalil cuddled up.

"I miss, i was mad and didnt know what else to do, i-im sorry" khalil said

Jacob went silent, like he was in deep thought. Then he spoke. "I miss you too" he said hugging him tighter

"Can we try again" khalil asked. What is he going to say?

"Yes we can" jacob said and then they kissed.

I gasped, maybe a little to loud because i caught there attention. I just stared at jacob as a tear rolled down my cheek.

"Roc i-i" jacob sturred

I rested the roses down and walked out. I began to run once i was out of the building. I ran to the only place i could have a peace of mind- the park. I sat by the pond and through pebbles. All i did for him and he gets back with him! But i guess i kinda understand, i mean he was there for him, but i want that to be me. I guess i took to long. I sat there thinking for a good 2 hours.

It was getting dark so i walked back home. I walked through the door and went straight to my room. I sat on my bed a began to cry. I felt a pair of hands on me so i looked up to see prod. I jumped with fear to the other side of the bed.

"Its ok, i promise i wont hurt you" he said. i just stayed in that spot until he began to come closer. I feel off the bed and began to crawl backwards. Every step he took closer i took to get away. I so bumped into the wall. DAMN! Now im trapped. He came close to me, like chest to chest close. He raised his hands. I thought he was going to hit me,but instead he hugged me.

I tood there confused, not even hugging back. He stopped hugging me and looked deep into my eyes. This was so strange.

"Im sorry" was all he said

Bullshit, you not sorry. I stayed silent. My eyes filled with tears just ready to flow down my face. I guess they began, cause he began to kiss them away. His lips were soft and gentle. His kisses beganto get closer to my lips, so they were inches apart; centimeters; milimeters apart. He brushed his lips over mine. I could feel his cool breathe on my lips. The smell of mint overwhelmed my nose.

"Im so sorry, can we try again?" he said before he crashed his lips onto mine. I fought the urge to kiss back. Why do i have this urge. I cant for much longer. I began to kiss back.

WTF is wrong with me!!???

His phone rang. Thank god saved by drake!(His rington) He pulled away and walked out, leaving me there confused. Maybe i should sleep on this. Yeah sleep

Prod POV

Phone convo

"What khalil?" i whispered

"I did it, we back together" he said

"Ok" i said

"did you get roc yet?" he asked

"Not yet, but soon, babe. Remember they have to let there guard down then that when we kill them ok. Then i just going to be me and you babe k?" i said

"OK baby, but what about your boss"

"He'll be ok, he doesnt care, i gtg babe see you tomorrow" i said

"Ok wait!"


"I need you, like now"

"OK ill be there, give me 1 hour to get this stuff settled"

"Ok babe, see you soon"



Hurt jacob- check

Get khalil with jacob-check

Get with roc-in progress

Make them trust us

Kill all rocs loved ones or who he cares about

Kill them

Pay boss

Leave off with khalil rich as fuck

Yep sounds good to me so Bye! Prodijay out got to go satitfy my baby-dueces


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