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OK guys this time I'm not joking I'm updating secrets during the first weekend of summer #forreal

So sorry that I been flagging y'all its just highschool friends family.....shhh we all been through it or is going through it

I kinda need to vent again (sorry that I vent I just like the opinion of a neutral person that's all and then y'all give me good advice so I thank you for that)

OK here's what's been going on

so remember that ex that I recently broke up with well(did I tell y'all that story i don't remember lol) but yeah well he hit me up 3weeks later saying how he miss me n all this bs n no lie for one second I believed him but then I was like no you just want my attention.....turns out I was right because 2weeks later I asked him about that and you know what he said "oh that was pointless" (that kinda hit me hard but I got over it) so now we "friends"

do I really want to be friends -no

but can I be in a relationship with him again? no there's no trust ....everything he says I feel is a lie or a game so I'm trying to move on.

I've been talking to this guy named Nate (let me tell u he FINE LIKE SWEET WINE BABY 6pack well mannered plays football smart baby boy 👌) but there's one flaw-his older brother 🙅 he's an ass. he's the type of guy who fucks girls and then calls them thots for liking him. Dumb nigga right? well yeah one day me and Nate will be cuddled up holding hands texting and the next we are strangers -_-. so I basically stopped liking him I don't do that flip flop ish. kinda felt like he was ashamed of me(I mean plp tell me I'm cute n stuff but I don't believe them) so relationship wise that's my place

now to my friends -don't get me wrong I live FAM down lol but its a lot of jealously in FAM right now between 3plp. like a love triangle but weirder (if u want me to explain that story ask) but yeah and school well I believe I failed my eocs so summer school here I come IG

but yea that's life



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