The Day I Met Jack Avery by MissAvery4Life
The Day I Met Jack Averyby Badeea Mohamed
Alissa:Jack just shut up and let me explain what happened bc i know u won't let me so just shut up okay Jack: okay go ahead explain what I just saw happen between u and...
  • macikate
  • loganpaul
  • whydontwe
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After Death || NBA Youngboy by laideeya
After Death || NBA Youngboyby JoJoo⚡️
Sequel to No.9|| NBA Youngboy
  • betrayal
  • daveeast
  • behavior
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Meant To Be: Sequel by layasworld
Meant To Be: Sequelby Bluevelvet
Go through the journey withMelissa after the last incident. There will be more drama. pain. love and so much more. Will all of the couples' love be meant to be?
  • mindless
  • mindlessbehavior
  • drama
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Jacob Is My Bully? by LastGloQueen
Jacob Is My Bully?by ✨Champagne Mamii✨
This is a story of a girl named London. She was once best friends with Jacob, which is her bully. Then things went downhill. She keeps her guard up and shuts ALMOST eve...
  • gregg
  • romance
  • mindless
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Trynna Make It (Yn and Roc Royal Story) by Hailey_Michele
Trynna Make It (Yn and Roc Royal S...by Michele
Yn and Chresanto live in Compton. They have a hard life. They are trynna make it out. If they do, will there past be back to haunt them? Or will they get their happily e...
  • mb
  • behavior
  • rocroyal
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being with someone who you truly hate {EDIT} by _coleworld_
being with someone who you truly h...by _coleworld_
Cj try's to stay away from that one person she hates, that person is ray. They hated each other since they where in diapers but their parents always try to make the t...
  • ray
  • stalked
  • marriage
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DING (tracob)  by tracobphobix
DING (tracob) by Alena
(They have a deadline, but they still fall in love) ~come party it's fun~
  • lgbtq
  • fanfiction
  • lgbtfanfiction
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In Too Deep | Royce | by Spiffymudafukka
In Too Deep | Royce |by Jazmine Truth
( This is a boyXboy bitch. Hope you homophobes are offended :) Nobody really knows what goes on between the members of Mindless Behavior other than...
  • romance
  • boyxboy
  • teen
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Hidden (A Princeton Love Story) by misfitprincessss
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story)by misfitprincessss
Jacob is a poor teenager taking care of his two younger sisters. His mom is an alcoholic and doesn't help at all. His brother is just as much help as his mom. Jacob does...
  • princeton
  • rocroyal
  • jacobperez
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I'm In Love With My Step-Brother♥ by CertifiedDiva
I'm In Love With My Step-Brother♥by CertifiedDiva
  • princeton
  • stepbrother
  • hate
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Stranded (Roc Royal) by FreshOffTheRunway
Stranded (Roc Royal)by Christine
Who knew that just one vacation could turn into the worst in a matter of days. Karen, a 20 year old girl, previously went to a cruise ship for the summer for a few weeks...
  • behavior
  • royal
  • rocroyal
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I Think I ❤ My Bully by SwaggerSoPerfect
I Think I ❤ My Bullyby SwaggerSoPerfect
This story is about a girl who moves from Chicago to Atlanta and her gets turned upside down when she gets bullied by a group a boys and their girlfriends tune in to fin...
  • newgirl
  • augustalsina
  • newschool
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Temptation (Jacob Perez love story)-DISCONTINUED by _Cookieee_
Temptation (Jacob Perez love story...by _Cookieee_
"Opportunity may knock only once,but temptation leans on the doorbell" -Anonymous
  • jacobperez
  • drama
  • love
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One night stand // Ethan fucking Dolan by minedolantwinsx
One night stand // Ethan fucking D...by Minedolantwinsx
{THE STORY IS COMPLETE/ FINISHED} ; This is a story about you (y/n) and the Dolan twins , (mostly Ethan), the story is sad from the beginning ????, but gets happy and...
  • love
  • endedstory
  • teammindless
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Bitten - Starring You and Mindless Behavior (not edited) by mindless_chica_
Bitten - Starring You and Mindless...by Kay <3
Trying to be a normal teen has it's experiences: romance, friendship, parents,the list goes on However being a rare breed of a mixture between vampire and werewolf has...
  • mindlessbehavior
  • werewolf
  • behavoir
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Princeton Imagine(updated 2016) by Mindlessmadhouse
Princeton Imagine(updated 2016)by Mindlessmadhouse
Princeton imagines. READ.
  • abuse
  • behavior
  • sad
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words in my head. by georgiacmiller
words in my head.by G e o r g i a
thoughts. just thoughts. most quotes are my own, but some are others. started in April 2018
  • disappointment
  • sadness
  • quotes
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Forever   ( A Princeton love story) by RPJ__1
Forever ( A Princeton love story)by 0g_rayy
Kennedy is 17 years old and is finishing Highschool. But what will happen when she gets kidnapped and falls in love?
  • princeton
  • fanfictions
  • behavior
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Geeky girl next door [ completed ] by Trendy_misft
Geeky girl next door [ completed ]by Tatiana
This girl isn't used to attention and lots of friends, so when a new boy moves in next door during the summer what problems will he bring along? Although this girl is bo...
  • mindlessbehavior
  • behavior
  • neighborhood
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In Love With My Kidnapper(Roc Royal/Santo August) by Hailey_Michele
In Love With My Kidnapper(Roc Roya...by Michele
She doesn't instantly fall in love with him, trust me. He started as a stalker, but his obsession grew bigger and bigger each second. No one noticed she was gone because...
  • mindless
  • behavior
  • rocroyal
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