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Unexpected Thug Love by ReenahK
Unexpected Thug Loveby ReenahK
*Completed* Meet Aeryelle Fulton. She and her crew are the baddest at Dayhill High. They got niggas falling for them left and right but Aery got her eye on the most want...
အညွှန့်ကျိုးမှာကြောက်ပြီး အဖွားစကားကိုနားထောင်ပါတဲ့ by BbyKay3
အညွှန့်ကျိုးမှာကြောက်ပြီး အဖွားစကာ...by ME.i
အမျိုးသမီးတိုင်း ဒီလိုမခံရပါ‌စေနဲ့ ကာကွယ်ပေးမဲ့သူလိုချင်မိတယ် မိန်းမသားဘ၀ကမုဒိန်းကျင့်ခံရရင် ရတဲ့စိတ်ဒဏ်ရာနဲ့ ဘယ်လိုရှင်သန်ရမလဲ မုဒိန်းကျင့်ခံရတာက ငါ့ညီမ ငါကပါမုဒိန်းက...
In Love With My Kidnapper(Roc Royal/Santo August) by Hailey_Michele
In Love With My Kidnapper(Roc Roya...by Michele
She doesn't instantly fall in love with him, trust me. He started as a stalker, but his obsession grew bigger and bigger each second. No one noticed she was gone because...
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story) by misfitprincessss
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story)by misfitprincessss
Jacob is a poor teenager taking care of his two younger sisters. His mom is an alcoholic and doesn't help at all. His brother is just as much help as his mom. Jacob does...
The Abuse I take by thickislit
The Abuse I takeby ❤️
"Why don't you just die already!" Is what he always yells at me. My name's Taylor, and the person who I thought was my lover, is my abuser. I get hit for the s...
Forever Different by simplyludny
Forever Differentby simplyludny
Shayla, a prostitute, has to deal with the consequences of having an abusive boyfriend, Roc. She also has to deal with the fact that he's gay, and likes to mess around w...
But Your My Brother *Mindless Behavior Story* by MindlessCreations143
But Your My Brother *Mindless Beha...by Learra ❤
You are Going to move from Atlanta where you were dancing diva, the girl that knew everyone, to LA where you are forced to live with your dad. You have a step brother na...
My Abusive Husband: Roc Royal Love/Hate Story (FINISHED) by haleywinter85
My Abusive Husband: Roc Royal Love...by haleywinter85
Hi my name is Desiree August. I am 24, and married to one of the best lawyers in LA, Chresanto August. Before we were married everything was a fairy tale, but after we s...
Do I Love My Bully? (Mindless Behavior Story) by lulllglizzy
Do I Love My Bully? (Mindless Beha...by glizzybaby
Hey I'm Y/n (Shania).. I'm 15, I live in Georgia and go to school with some celebs, I'm very shy and get bullied a lot by a band Called 'Mindless Behavior'. School is a...
Grinding W/ You by _MinnieBracey
Grinding W/ Youby _MinnieBracey
Roc Royal Love Story ; When Roc & YN Pretend To Date, It Becomes Serious!
mindless stepbrother status? by jessieloveeee
mindless stepbrother status?by jessieloveeee
Your mother, his father. MARRIED. Ray Ray, Mindless Behavior love story. Starring You!
It Started With The Meet N Greet ( A Mindless Behavior Story) ~ COMPLETED~ by Tmartin20
It Started With The Meet N Greet (...by tαyℓoя Simmons-Latimore-Thomp...
Imagine meeting the band of your dreams. What would you do? Follow Taylor and Raven on their journey into the Mindless World in It Started With The Meet N Greet.
Beyond Scared Straight : You Left Me by Myhusband_DaPlug
Beyond Scared Straight : You Left...by Myhusband_DaPlug
Heart Broken by her big brother causes her to Do what Every she wants does she change after the visit
Nicki&thePips by PrincessQueenZ
Nicki&thePipsby Zoe
Famous rapper Nicki Minaj was lonely and ended up adopting eight little adorable children. But apparently adopting kids you find in a dangerous neighbourhood just becaus...
Va Va Voom. by CreativelyShy
Va Va Voom.by tαyℓoя
(BoyxBoy) I began crying even more while burying my head into my pillow. I feel so alone and so confused. What would the managers think of me? What would the fans think...
Imagines : Diggy Edition *TAKING REQUESTS* by ChynaDolll
Imagines : Diggy Edition *TAKING R...by NANA
*ACTIVE* A racy book of imagines for diggy Simmons. You (y/n) are the character. And sometimes the imagines run a little long which is good. It means I have an idea of...
Mind Games (Princeton love story) by TeAmoPrince
Mind Games (Princeton love story)by TeAmoPrince
He's the player of the school , he's known for hitting and quitting , every girl wants him and doesn't care if he uses her then breaks her heart as long as she gets a pi...
Love In High School | Mindless Behavior FanFic by QueenRoyal
Love In High School | Mindless Beh...by QueenRoyal
What would it be like to have Mindless Behavior attend your school for Senior Year? Created: 2013 Finalized: 2021 ©QueenRoyal