Dont tell

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Zahia POV

I was shocked. I didnt know they were gay. I didnt know what to do i was confused. But i knew one thing- I ahve to help him before roc beats him to death.

"JACOB!!!!" i yelled. Soon as i yelled roc ran off. Ran to jacob. He was coughing up blood, he had a black eye, busted lip,and bruises all over his face. He felt lifeless like he couldnt hold on so i tried to keep him awake. I need to get help so i yelled for help. 'HELP! HELP! SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!! I looked down to see jacob drifting off slowly. "Jacob stay awake please!!" i said now cring. He grabbed my hand and said "dont tell." "Jacob i have to so he wont do this again." "Dont tell" he said again. I shook my head "ok" then a teacher showed up with the nurse. They call the ambulance and they were here in tno time. They took jacob to the hospital. They questioned me and asked what happened and i said that i dont know i just found him like that. They let me go back to my class.


As i sat at my table alone a boy with a blonde mohawk and sunglasses came and took a seat. (we are inside what in all fuckery are you wearing glasses for?). He just stared at me. I was getting annoying me. "Can you stop staring at me?" i said. "Look i just came to give you a message" he said staring at me. "Ok, umm do i even know you?" i said. "No, but i know you and want you so let me introduce myself. Im Prodigy but you can can call me prod. All i want to say is dont get on my bad side cause you already have 1 strike. Watch your back cause you have to much already." he said with a devilsh smile and left sitting the note infront f me. (Wait is this th prod the naomi n jordan warned me about? and 1 strike? seen to much???)


Dear Zahia,

You dont know me but i know you. You ran away with your mother here. Yeah i know that to and were you live. You have 1 strike out of 3. Better not get on my bad side or things will happen. I know you saw what happened with jacob and roc. This is going to stay between us 5 ok! Good!! And remeber DONT TELL

-LOve Your lover forever

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