1/15 of the truth

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Jordan: well it all began in middleschool. they were the best of friends. Me and naomi were his friends to but not as close as them. well that all changed we prince got a gf. She was the hoe of the school, but prince fell hard for her. He did everything to please her but again once a hoe always a hoe. She finally got tired of prince and got with roc, while she was with prince. He ended up catching her cheating and from there their friendship ended. He was heart broken and betrayed. Prince and roc ended up fighting and things were said. Roc then started hanging with this kid named prodigy. Prodigy is the schools drug dealer and abuser. He basicly controls roc. And as for prince he hang with us and ray but mostly he wants to be alone.

Me:Wow, but why is he bullied?

Naomi: Roc does it to put fear in him, to keep him quiet.

Me: But why?

Jordan: No one knows exactly but all we know is that he has a bad past. this has been going on for almost a year.

Naomi: If i were you i would be carefull, dont get invovled with roc and his friend prod either.

Me: wow, well thanks for the info

The bell rung:

Zahai;s POV still:

Wow, i cant believe this my first day and all this drama. Maybe i should keep my distance, but i want to help prince.

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