Blood Lust (Mindless Behavior Love Story) by Call_Me_Kala
Blood Lust (Mindless Behavior 💦👑KD Royal👑 💦
I would tell you about it but that would spoil the surprise? just read it and find out?✌ ~Kalani
  • princeton
  • rayray
  • rocroyal
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Me + You = Love by ArkeyiaJB
Me + You = Loveby it's key
Sҡʏ ċɦaռռɛʟ ʝօɦռsօռ ɨs ʝʊst ʏօʊʀ aʋɛʀaɢɛ ռɛʀɖʏ ɢɨʀʟ աɦօ ɨs aʟաaʏs զʊɨɛt aռɖ ɮʏ ɦɛʀsɛʟʄ. Hɛʀ ʍօʍ ɨs tɦɛ CEO օʄ ċɦaռռɛʟ aռɖ ɦɛʀ ɖaɖ ɨs a sɛʀɢɛaռt ɨռ tɦɛ ʍɨʟɨtaʀʏ sօ tɦɛʏ a...
  • romance
  • 143
  • drama
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Bitten - Starring You and Mindless Behavior (not edited) by mindless_chica_
Bitten - Starring You and Kay <3
Trying to be a normal teen has it's experiences: romance, friendship, parents,the list goes on However being a rare breed of a mixture between vampire and werewolf has...
  • behavior
  • werewolf
  • rocroyal
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The Real One by _Dancer_jay
The Real Oneby Dancer jayyyy
How did we get like this, I thought I gave him my all and it all came crashing down on me. I lost everything and I can't do anything about it, I'm all on my own. Wheneve...
  • chrisbrown
  • augustalsina
  • emotional
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My Master by PrincetonStories_
My Masterby Chey
  • mindlessbehavior
  • princeton
  • princetonlovestory
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Jacob Is My Bully? by LastGloQueen
Jacob Is My Bully?by ✨Champagne Mamii✨
This is a story of a girl named London. She was once best friends with Jacob, which is her bully. Then things went downhill. She keeps her guard up and shuts ALMOST eve...
  • melvin
  • behavior
  • romance
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Celebrity Imagines  by Danniduhh
Celebrity Imagines by Danni.duhh
Tell me any celebrity! I will try to make you a short story with the person and you. Let your imagination run wild and free! (Not my cover. Found it on Google)
  • nba
  • malakwatson
  • louistomlinson
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Take Me As I Am by TamaraFord_
Take Me As I Amby tamara ✨
" Take me as I am or have nothing at all. "
  • jayda
  • ryandestiny
  • urban
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Hidden (A Princeton Love Story) by misfitprincessss
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story)by misfitprincessss
Jacob is a poor teenager taking care of his two younger sisters. His mom is an alcoholic and doesn't help at all. His brother is just as much help as his mom. Jacob does...
  • princeton
  • behavior
  • jacobperez
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The Real Her (Yn & Princeton love story) by IamJayyy
The Real Her (Yn & Princeton Cookie 🍪🥛
I know the real you but they'll never know like I will. I know how you function but they'll never figure like I will. I see everything good and bad about you but they'll...
  • lies
  • cheating
  • love
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My Brother's Best Friend by Hailey_Michele
My Brother's Best Friendby Michele
Jazmine Lopez is Ray Ray Lopez's little sister. Their parents died a year ago and now Ray is raising Jazmine. But, because Ray likes to party so much, there are many man...
  • royal
  • ray
  • santo
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Warm Water by PrincetonStories_
Warm Waterby Chey
  • love
  • music
  • vibes
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Symptoms of Love by MegaMcDonalds
Symptoms of Loveby MegaMcDonalds
"Looking for something?" He said. I slowly peeked my head over my shoulder. He had amazing caramel skin that looks like it glows if you kissed it. He also had...
  • jacob
  • love
  • romancefanfiction
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Meet The Bully(A mindless behaviour fanfic) by ShaolynPriceNew
Meet The Bully(A mindless Shay
HERE'S NEW STORY ITS A ONE SHOT FOR NOW BUT IF YOU GUYS LIKE IT THERE WILL BE MORE THAN 4 PARTS :) This is an original copy, if you see similar stories it is all bs. G...
  • bullying
  • wattys2017
  • mindlessbehaviour
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Ruined // Jacob Perez by bloodyblunts
Ruined // Jacob Perezby Sofia ♡
❝ Have you ever loved someone so much, you cried? ❞ Haylee and Jacob used to be best friends when they were younger... Until Jacob moved away when he was twelve. It's be...
  • lovato
  • breaunna
  • princeton
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Princeton Imagine(updated 2016) by Mindlessmadhouse
Princeton Imagine(updated 2016)by Mindlessmadhouse
Princeton imagines. READ.
  • abuse
  • behavior
  • mindless
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Forever   ( A Princeton love story) by RPJ__1
Forever ( A Princeton love story)by 0g_rayy
Kennedy is 17 years old and is finishing Highschool. But what will happen when she gets kidnapped and falls in love?
  • fanfictions
  • princeton
  • kidnapped
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Can My Bestfriend Be My Boyfriend?? (Santo August & YN) by tonebeme
Can My Bestfriend Be My 4.13.17
Characters: YN: Cymphonique Miller (age:15) Issa: ur current boyfriend (age:17) Jacob Latimore: ur ex boyfriend (age:17) Jordan: ur "sister" (age:16) Mickey...
  • issa
  • wattys2017
  • loveandwar
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Limerence | 1 by _Denouement
Limerence | 1by Lex
"Love: the impossible combination of being IN the deep end and being OFF the deep end." - Jennifer Harrison I didn't know what love felt like and I had no int...
  • mindlessbehavior
  • princeton
  • limerence
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Motivation by BabyRosePetalz
Motivationby Naiya❧
.❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。✿°。❀。• *₊°。 It's not like everyday you'll connect with a complete stranger, not knowing they'll forever be the reason your breath is unsteady...
  • sexy
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