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𝐒𝐄𝐋𝐅𝐈𝐒𝐇.  JACOB PEREZ by hoesociety
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But Your My Brother *Mindless Behavior Story* by MindlessCreations143
But Your My Brother *Mindless Learra ❤
You are Going to move from Atlanta where you were dancing diva, the girl that knew everyone, to LA where you are forced to live with your dad. You have a step brother na...
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My Personal Maid  by TrippyJahsehh
My Personal Maid by ✨Jah✨
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My Brother's Best Friend by Hailey_Michele
My Brother's Best Friendby Michele
Jazmine Lopez is Ray Ray Lopez's little sister. Their parents died a year ago and now Ray is raising Jazmine. But, because Ray likes to party so much, there are many man...
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I'm In Love With My Step-Brother♥ by CertifiedDiva
I'm In Love With My Step-Brother♥by CertifiedDiva
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The Brightside (Princeton & Yn Love Story) by PamsRoyalty
The Brightside (Princeton & Yn PamsRoyalty
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Black Boy Joy  by lovelywriting200
Black Boy Joy by Lover Princess
My best friend actually is the only reason I made this book because she told me I should do it do also go check out my best friend's stories @LoverGirlCupid Just a book...
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Through His Eyes (Royce) by MoneNemo
Through His Eyes (Royce)by ♥ perivermore
•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° Chresanto August is a sweet &caring 17yr old boy,outside of being homophobic. He dislikes gay people alot. Why you ask? You'll fin...
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Its No Secret Im MINDLESS by blackarabia
Its No Secret Im MINDLESSby black arabia
Lexi Montez is a sister of young supermodel, Nina Montez, and dance prodigy, Nick Montez. She is never noticed, but she gets her heartache out through obsessing over the...
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Might be (Princeton Love Story) by KreativeK
Might be (Princeton Love Story)by Khella
Jacob Perez is a player and gets a girlfriends all the time. There's a new girl at his school who he falls for her. Her friends tells her how he's a player but will she...
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Mindless Imagines (EDITING) by Distvrbed
Mindless Imagines (EDITING)by Distvrbed
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My Prince Charming by MiyahJ
My Prince Charmingby Amiyah J.
A generous guy and his daughter. A kind-hearted girl off the streets. They were destined to be a family.
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365  ; jp & sw [discontinued] by PapiLuh
365 ; jp & sw [discontinued]by C Money
Jacob Perez ft. Sammy Wilk
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Far Away Princeton Love Story [COMPLETED & UNEDITED] by PimpMisfit
Far Away Princeton Love Story [ 💕
FIRST BOOK IN THE FAR AWAY TRILOGY Lea has been living on her own. Begging for lose change all because of her mom's death. She couldn't live with her dad because....he d...
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MB Love Story (Roc Royal) {Completed} by NaeBbyXo
MB Love Story (Roc Royal) { NaeBbyXo
Allisah was a girl that blamed herself for her mothers death. While her mom was in the hospital she gave birth to her little sister Tiana. 3 Years later she lives with h...
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Unrecognizable  by MiyahJ
Unrecognizable by Amiyah J.
Leilani Brown- an 18 year old who is in her senior year of high school. She has her own apartment and a steady job. She's been on her own for a while. Her parents are no...
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Your A Good Girl (YN and MB story) by Ad0reMiaa
Your A Good Girl (YN and MB story)by Ad0reMiaa
If you read it you'll know what it's about,
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Why can't I love you YN (roc royal love story){Editing} by Trillnigga_Queen
Why can't I love you YN (roc Golden Tay✨
This is about Chresanto August Aka Roc royal,trying to get his bestfriend Yn for short Ariana From the group Diamonds To be his.Will she be with him?What will happen? Yo...
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The Player (A Mindless Behavior Love Story) Princeton Edition by lost_mindless
The Player (A Mindless Behavior lost_mindless
Gia and her family must move to LA to escape her abusive father. There she finds out she will be attending the same school with none other than Mindless Behavior. She im...
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Secret Lover by princetonstoriez
Secret Loverby Chey
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