He love HIM

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-------------------------------------------------SKIPPING TO LUNCH---------------------------------------------------


I walked in the lunch room and got a couple of stares. I got my lunch and sat at a empty table. I looked up to see prod eyeing and smirking at me. EW! I just looked down and played with my food. Soon i heard chairs moving. I looked up to see zahia, ray, naomi, and jordan. I hid my face like ive been doing all day.

"Bro we already saw your face, its not that bad" naomi said bluntly

I lifted my head and saw everyone smiling at me. we all started talking and laughing.

"Hey um wheres jacob and khalil?" Zahia asked

Everyone shrugged.

Jacob POV

Well i was on my way to lunch but someone pulled me in the closet. It was khalil.

"I missed you" he said

"I missed you too" i said

He started to kiss me. I deepened the kiss by putting my arms around his neck. He grabbed my waist pulling me closer. He started to me neck and jawline. He found my sweetspot and i let out a moan. "mhmm"

"You like that baby" he asked still kiss my spot

"Yesss" i moaned

He then lifted my shirt and kissed down my chest to my v-line and back up. He kissed and sucked on my nipples. I could feel myself growing.

"I see you happy" he said looking down. I just blushed. He went back to kissing me. His hands unbuckled my pants. He pulled them and my boxers off with one tug. My friend sprung out hit his thigh. He grabbed it and began to stroke me.

"ughh, stop teasing" i moaned

He bent down and ran his tongue over the tip. OMG this felt amazing. He began to deep throat.

"UGHHH" i moaned

He went faster and began to hum. OMG im close


He stopped.

"Did you call me roc?" he said witha confused look.

"I um-um it was a mistake" i said

"You love him dont you?" he said with tears in his eyes

"I-i dont know" i said

"Well ok, then. I cant believe you i loved you. But i guess you love him Were done" and with that he left.

Do i love roc??

Khalil POV

I cant believe him. He loves roc.


{yellowniggalil} You were right, he loves him.

{ProdtheG} I told you, so r u in?

{yellowniggalil} Im in i want him to pay

{ProdtheG} gud, but stay close to his friends ok

{yellowniggalil} ok babe

{ProdtheG} luv you babe c ya l8r

{yellowniggalil} bye

Hey- so im not really good with sex scenes so there you go!! VOTE VOTE VOTE 4+ VOTES TO CONTINUE. just thought i should update 2wice so yeah! WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD JACOB GIVE ROC A CHANCE? KHALIL AND PROD????

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