Snow is fun✨✨

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It's been a while since I've written but school for me has started and I've already have Tests and Crap-
I am wondering if you guys would Want another book for the rewrites for this book? I'll still keep this book up tho!!
Well anyways to the story! Also! I'm not shipping any of them in this! It's just the allium Duo

Nobodys POV-

    Tubbo and Ranboo sit on the Porch of their house while they watch Tommy and Michael play. They would make snowmen, Snow Angel's, and Snow Forts. Tubbo would laugh every once in awhile due to Tommy getting hit with a snow Ball. The Snow wasn't Tommy's favorite but he would sure as hell  play in it with Michael.

Ranboo would ask if they needed a Break from playing in the snow. Michael would say no and Tommy would say no after the little zombie pig. Ranboo always nodded and smiled. It was fun to play in the Snow.

  Tommy smiles as he lays in the snow slightly shaking from how cold it is. He didn't mind though, it was Nice and calming to him. He stares at the sky as it Darkens. Michael had gone inside with Tubbo. Ranboo was sitting on the Porch watching him to make sure he was okay.

   Tommy didnt understand why he was tho! He was a Big man, A man that can take care of himself. Well maybe not that but Forget that! Tommy closed his Eyes as he let's his mind wonder. Thinking about the stuff that's happened  in the last couple months.  

He fought against Dream with Tubbo. They won the battle and Dream was taken to prison. He went to visit Dream one last time and ended up dieing. Then he was revived. He had Scars on his Face and arms but that didnt bother him. Wilbur was also revived now.

Tommy feels Something soft played on him. He could also feel himself getting picked up off of the Snow. "HEY!" Tommy yells opening his eyes to see who was doing this. He say it was Ranboo. "Hello Tommy" Ranboo Says calmly smiling down at Tommy. Tommy rolls his eyes "Put me down-" Tommy says to Ranboo

   Ranboo shakes his head and starts to carry him to the house " Nope you are Frezzing cold Tom. I need keep you warm!" Ranboo says Keeping tommy wrapped up in the blanket. Tommy rolls his eyes again then leans onto Ranboo. Ranboo gets to the porch and pushes the door open.

   Ranboo puts tommy down. Tommy still hold onto the blanket and doesnt let go. Ranboo laughs somewhat and give Tommy a little push "Go to bed toms" Ranboo says smiling Tommy leans onto Ranboo " 'm tired..." Ranboo chuckles and Picks him up taking him to the guest room

   Ranboo opens the guest door and lays tommy on the bed. Tommy Huddles up into the blankets. Ranboo could see he was fast asleep. He smiles and leaves the room.

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