wings part 2

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Technoblades Pov( Before someone Picked up Tommy)-

I was Sharping my axe When the Voices started to Act up

Check on tommy

Huh?? What do they mean check on tommy??

Something happened because you weren't there

Go now He's in trouble.

Hurry!!! He'll get more here!

He's hurt

I Decided to go check on Tommy since the voice were telling me To. I dont know why they Want me to tho? Dream is watching his. (He doesnt know anything about what dream did to tonmy or what he has done to Tommy)  Tho i hate Dream. He wouldnt to anything to Tommy since he's 16 right?? I shake my Head then Picks up my axe. I put my Axe on my Side and Get ready to go check on Tommy.

No time to get ready just go!

He'll die soon if you dont get there

That Scared me When they Said he'll died. I stopped getting ready and just ran out the Door. I close my Doors and Starts to Walk to Tommys place. The Cold was something normal For me. Ive always liked the Cold while tommy hated it. The cold was Nice. It felt welcoming.  As I continue to walk I see someone in the distance. They Just Fall I ran to them I dont know why I have a Bad Feeling. I get closer and I see its Tommy Who Fell.  I start to run Fast. I get to him and Pick him. He was Cold Really Cold. I Feel Him cuddle into Me. I guess its Because im warm. His lips were blue. His Hair were wild. He has bags under his Eyes too. I could Feel blood on my hands. It was From were his Wings... His Wings were Gone. I sigh. I Take my cape off and Put it over tommy. I Message Phil

You whisper to Phil: Hey Phil I need you at my House its Tommy.

Phil whispers to you: WHAT?! What's wrong with tommy!?

You whispers to Phil: Just hurry up!!

Phil whispers to you: Okay I'll be there.

After I Message Phil I run home with tommy in my arms.   I hold tommy Close. I may Pick on him and Be mean and rude but I Care about him alot. I also love him (like a brother!! I'm not Shipping them!!) I get home and Kivks the door open. I put him on my Bed and Looks through my Chests I Grab a healing potion. I walk back over to tommy and open his mouth a little and he swallows it. I walk over to the chests Again and Puts the glass Bottle in it then grabs bandages.

I walk over to him and takes him Shirt off. I look at His Stomach. He has Bruises and cuts on his stomach. The fuck??. I sigh I Bandage his Back Up then I Grab on of my Shirts and put it on him. I also Grab a Blanket and puts it on him. I sit Next to him.

I wonder what Happened To him in Exile and What if dream did something to him.


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