I'm not theseus...

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Tw- Suicide

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy Stands there looking down at the lava. All he could Feel was guilty. He did betray his brother and father...  He just wanted his old life back but that couldn't happen could it? Tommy didnt even notice he moved closer to the edge. Tommy could feel the heat hit his Face. He closes his eyes and Sighs. Tommy had alwayed loved the heat and warmth if the nethier. It made him Feel at home. It made him feel like he was loved. Tommy decides it would be best to tell Techno something.

Tommyinnit messages technoblade- You know technoblade?

Techno sees the Message. He questions why tommy was trying to talk to him. Tommy betrayed him. Techno sighs. "Whats wrong Techno??" Phil says as he places a hand on his Shoulder. "It's Tommy he's stupid enough to message me after betraying me."   Dream looks at Techno. "Maybe Listen to what he has to say..?? If it's anything good Say something if not them dont answer." Dream Says. He wanted to know what Tommy wanted. "I agree with dream." Phil says. Techno gets another message from tommy

Tommyinnit messages technoblade- I never really understand why you called me theseus....

Techno looks up at Phil "what did he Say Son??"  Phil Ask. He was Curious about it. "He said I never really understand why you called me theseus.... What is he on about??" Techno says. Dream Looks up at the ceiling. "Ask him what hes on about??"  Techno nods

Technoblades messages tommyinnt- where are you going with this tommy??

Tommy Smiles to himself.

Tommyinnt messages technoblade- just saying Icarus would fit better

Technos eyes Widen at this. He Reads it out loud to Phil and dream. Phil was Suprised even dream was. "What does he mean by That techno!!" Dream shouts. "He doesn't know what he is talling about!" Techno say

Technoblade messages tommyinnit- you realize Icarus melted to death right??

Techno waits for tommys answer but it never comes. "He won't answer Phil"

Technoblade messages tommyinnit- Tommy??

Technoblade messages tommyinnit- Tommy this isn't funny.

Phil watchs as techno worry about tommy. Even though tommy betrayed him. He was his little brother. Techno's eyes Widen and his heart speeds up as he sees in the chat.

Tommyinnit tried to swim in lava

Techno stands up and runs out of the house. Techno falls onto his Knees. Tommy was gone. He was gone. The voices in his head got louder telling him it was his fault.

I know Icarus story

Hows y'alls Day??

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