mother puffy and Father Sam✨

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HEYYY IM BACK!!! I know i wasnt gone for Long but I had to deal with some Stuff I rather not Say. I'll be Trying To Update this story as much as i can!!  In this I dont ship Puffy and Sam they Think of Tommy as their Son!!
I also Wrote this in school😗✌

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy Was in his house. Tommy thought Back to what Dream Said He was all Alone and Nobody Cared. Tommy knew Dream was Right. Phil didnt want anything to do with Him. Ranboo Moved in with Phil and Technoblade. Tubbo was off doing whatever. Tuboo hasn't came to see tommy. Tears Fell from Tommy's eyes. Tommy Couldn't stop the tears that were Falling. Tommy fall to the ground. He Pulls his knees up to his chest and lays his Head on his knees.

Nobody was there to calm him down. Tubbo would always Calm him Down or Ranboo would but they didn't care.

*with Puffy and Sam*

Puffy and Sam were Talking about how They would help Tommy. They were worried about him. He was just a Kid He's 16!!!  Sam was Ready to beat the shit out of Dream for doing what he did to tommy. As they Walk Puffy stops them. "Do you hear that its coming from tommys House" Puffy Says looking at Tommy's Doors. "I do We should see if he's okay!" Sam say Running over to the Doors and Knocking on them. Tommy Doesnt hear them Knock. He continues Crying.

Puffy looks at the Doors and push them Open. Sam looks inside and Sees Tommy In a Ball "Tommy??" Puffy says trying to get His attention.  Puffy looks at Sam. Sam could Tell she was worried. Sam goes over to Tomm and Sits Next to him. "Tommy??" Sam say in a calm voice.  Puffy Runs over and sits down Pulling Tommy into a Hug. Tommy looks up and sees Puffy and Sam. "W-hat..??" Tommy say through his crys

Puffy Rubs Circles on Tommy's back "Shhh~ its okay Tommy its okay you're okay~ we are Here to help you" Puffy say in a Calm voice. Sam Runs his fingers through Tommy's Hair. Tommy starts to calm down. "If I may ask what happened??" Sam asked Tommy. He still runs his fingers through Tommy's Hair. Sam pulls Tommy into his Lap. Holding tommy Close to him. " can I I not t-ell rig-ht no-w...?" Tommy Say Pulling himself Closer to Sam.

Puffy and Sam Smile at this. "Of course do you want us to Stay with You??"  Puffy Says. She saided it calm but inside she wanted to hurt the person that hurted Tommy. Tommy was like her son and she knew Sam felt the same way about tommy. "Yes please.." Tommy says nodding. "Okay son" Sam Says he notices what he Said "I'm Sorry tommy!!" Sam Says. Tommy Smiles Giggling some " dont worry!! I think of you like a father and Puffy as a mother!!" Tommy Says Pulling Puffy into a Hug along with Sam.

Puffy starts to tear up they weren't tears of sadness they were tears of Happiness. "Awww tommy!!" Puffy Says hugging Tommy Back. "Wait what about Phil, Technoblade and Ghostbur?" Sam Says looks down at tommy. " well Phil doesnt want me Technoblade probably hates me for joining tubbo. I just wanted my ild life back tho.... Were i could be Care Free Running around Getting chased by Tubbo all of that." Tommy Says looking up at Sam. Puffy cups tommys Face and makes him look at her "I'm so sorry Tommy. If you want we could be your Family and We could have fun! We can chase you around!" Puffy Says.

Sam Starts to run his Fingers through Tommy's hair again. "I would like that" tommy says Smiling. He Leans into Sam touch. "You can also Call Us mom and Dad if you want!! We dont mind!" Sam Says. Sam was Happy. " i would love to be Call Mom!!" Puffy Says as she stands up and goes over to tommys Bed she grabs a Blanket and goes back over to tommy and Sam. She Puts the Blanket over them. "Thank you mom and dad for everything!" Tommy says. Sam pulls puffy down

Sam also pull puffy under the Blanket with them. "Youre welcome Son" puffy and Sam Says at the Same time. Tommy smiles and cuddles into Puffy and Sam. Tommy starts to Fall asleep. Sam Smiles at Tommy as puffy starts to Hum a Song for Tommy and Sam. Tommy falls asleep and Puffy stops. "Imma go have a Talk with Phil..." She Says. Sam could Tell she was pissed. "Okay but not right now. Our son is sleeping" sam says as he and puffy look down at tommy.


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