family time (part 2)✨

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Schlatt Pov-

I open my eyes and realize I fall asleep on the couch. I sigh. I feel something Cuddling into my side so I look. I see tommy with his arms around me and his head in my side. I smile "cute" I say to myself or so I thought. "Yup he is cute" I screamed as the person laughed at me. I felt Light headed lucky I didn't faint since I'm Half goat... I hear tommy yawn and Hug my tighter. "Bitch I could have woken tommy up!" The person laughs more. I realize it was puffy. "Wheres your little Duckling?" I ask smiling. I havent been able to spend time with people since alot of them were scared of me. "His in the kitchen making Breakfast." Puffy says as she Sits next to me "do you have a nickname for tommy?" She asks. I start to think then a Nickname came to my Mind. "Cherry Bomb" I say Proud of the Name. I smile and I could see puffy Smile "Awaw Cherry Bomb is Cute!"

Nobody's Pov-

As tommy wakes up he Could hear Schlatt and Puffy talking. He cuddles into Schlatts Side for warmth. "Breakfast is Done!!" He could hear Puffy get up and Walk to the Kitchen. Schlatt Smiles and looks down at Tommy. "Wakey wakey" Schlatt says shaking Tommy. "Im up" he Says Sitting up. Tommy rubs his Eyes and Yawns. "Okay Cherry Bomb lets Go"  "Cherry Bomb is the that my name now" tommy Says Laughing. He Actually liked the nickname. "Yup lets go!" Schlatt Says getting up. Tommy follows

*after they eat*

Schlatt Smiles. "Tommy I have to go help Someone do you want to Come with me??" Schlatt askes as he puts his Shoes on. Tommy Claps his Hands he was excited to Go with Schlatt "Yup!!" Tommy Was Happy and Schlatt could tell. "We are going out puffy you and Dream can stay here as long as you want!!" Schlatt shouts Grabbing Tommys Hand. Tommy Smile "Bye!!" Puffy Yells. Schlatt takes tommy out of the House. Tommy smiles and starts to hum. Schlatt Listens. He Lets go of Tommys Hand. "Just Follow me Okay??" Schlatt says. Tommy Nods and Smiles. They walk through L'manburg. People stare at Schlatt and They start to whisper. Schlatt didnt like this. He Wasn't his old Self. He had Changed alot. Going from Mean and rude to nice and Kind but nobody knows that because they didn't Want him near them. Tommy Notices this and Grabs Schlatts Hand "Lets Hurry Up Goat man!" Tommy Says. Schlatt Laughs at the Name and rubs Tommy's head. Everybody stops whipering and Stares at them. "Okay Cherry Bomb... Lets go"  Schlatt Walks faster with tommy. Tommy looks Back and Sticks his Middle Finger up at Everybody. "Bitchs!!!" Tommy turns back around and Smiles. 

They get where they should be. They see Sapnap. Sapnap Smile and Runs to Schlatt "Hey Schlatt!!"  Sapnap Says. Sapnap wasnt scared of Schlatt. "You Brought tommy too!! Nice!!"  Schaltt nods and Smiles. "Yup" tommy Smiles then Hugs Sapnap. "Nice to see you Fire mannnnn"  Sapnap laughs. "Nice to see you too Big man!" Sapnap hugs tommy Back. Schlatt gasps "how could you guys hug without meeew" Schlatt Makes a noise like a baby. Tommy and sapnap Start Laughing. They both Fall to thr ground Laughing at Schlatt. Schlatt also Laughs with them.

Though this Moment wont last for long... Someone Watchs From a fair....

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