Tommy Tommy come back down✨🥀(part two)

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Tw- Talks about suicide, Broken bones, Cussing, Blood.

Nobody's Pov-

Ranboo drags techno outside. He hasn't gone outside since Tommy has got here. While techno and Ranboo were outside taking a walk. Tommy start to open his eyes. Tommy groans and he moves his Head slightly. Tommy couldn't feel his Arms neither his legs. He wanted to scream so he Tried but he couldn't. He Could only open his eyes. His eyes Race the room looking for something. He notices that he was in Technos house. Why tho? Didn't he hate him?? Wait... Was it Technos scream he Heard when he Jumped? Why wasn't he Dead. He Should be Dead. Tommy hears a Door open and someone gasps. "Tommy?!!" Tommy knew that voice it was Techno. Tommy blinks

"Can you talk Tommy? Blink twice if you can't" Tommy blinks twice. "Okay... Can you move?" Tommy blinks twice. Techno Wipes his tears and grabs tommys hand. He Rubs Tommy's knuckles with his thumb. "It will be okay we will work throw this Together" Techno Says sitting down in his chair. Tommy couldn't believe this. Techno was gonna help him?? Tommy wants to try to talk again so he trys. "Bu...bba....." Tommy says. He throat hurts so much but it was worth it. Technos Eyes widen. "Aww Strawberry.. Please safe your voice." Tommy hasn't heard techno call him that since forever. "" Techno puts a Finger to tommys Lips. "Strawberry Please listen to me dont talk. If you talk that could hurt you. " Techno trys to not pull Tommy into a tight hug. He Knows it would hurt him though.

Techno pulls the covers over Tommy "hey go back to sleep okay?? You need the rest." Tommy Wants to say something but Remember what Techno Says. Tommy closes his Eyes and Falls Back asleep. Techno smiles. "Oh strawberry... I'm going to keep you safe." "Techno!!" Ranboo Yells. Tubbo, Ghostbur, Niki, Sam and Dream were outside the door waiting. Dream wasnt in prison. Techno grabs his Sword and Climbs down the ladder Jumping down off the labber. "Why are they here.?" Techno says Walking towards thee door. "We are here to check if ypu have Tommy!" Tubbo Says. "Well I do but your not getting him Back!!" Techno Says trying to Not let his anger out. He knew tommy wouldn't like that. "Tommy wants to come back with us!!" Niki says. Her face shows she didn't want to be there. Ghostbur flys inside. He was already told about tommy. Ghostbur Flys through the ceiling. He Sees Tommy laying on the Bed.

Though Ghostbur was a ghost he Still could touch people. He Grabs Tommys hand and Rubs it. He could here yelling downstairs and Ranboo teleports upstairs into Technos room where tommy and Ghostbur were. "Ranboo come here." Ghostbur pulls Ranboo into a Hug. Ghostbur Knew he didnt like yelling. Ranboo leans down because he was so tall. Ghostbur pulls Ranboo over to the Chair and Sits him down in it. They hear someone climbing the labber. They thought it was Techno....wrong it was Dream. "Give me tommy now.." Dream says staring at Ghostbur. His eyes move over to Tommy who was laying in bed. His eyes Widen Seeing tommy in bandages. Though Ranboo snd Ghostbur cant see it. "What happened to him.?" Dream askes getting closer to tommy. Ghostbur pushes Dream Back "we can't tell you so leave..." Ghostbur says. They hear more People come up the Ladder. They see Niki,Tubbo,Sam and Techno. Techno had blood Dripping down his Face. "Bitchs..." Tubbo Runs over tommy and starts to shake him "TOMMY?!?!" Techno eyes grew in anger. Tommys eyes Shot open. "" Tommy moves his Hand a little. Techno grabs tommys hand. Ranboo Pulls out his sword and points it towards Everybody. Ghostbur grabs Tubbo dragging him back over to the others.

"WHAT THE FUCK ITS THIS???" Niki yells. Tommy flinches and His Grip on Technos hand getss tighter. "Shut. Up. Before I end you..." Techno Says. Tommy's eyes Race around the room looking at Everybody. He didn't like the people in here. He was scared Techno Notices it. "Everybody out of my house. Before you end up like Philza. A broken Nose and a broken arm." Everybodys eyes widen. Phil was Technos Dad. Everybody leaves except Ghostbur Ranboo techno and Tommy Duh... He still cant get up. "Your safe strawberry.." Tommy could tell tears Form in his eyes. "Oh no tears strawberry they wont hurt you anymore.." Techno Rubs Tommy's head. Ghostbur and Ranboo go down stairs to give them room. "Bu..bbaa!" Tommy crys out Trying to move his arms towards Techno. "No no no!! Dont move Untill you actually can! I dont want you getting even more hurt on me." Tommy Starts to Cry but with no Noises. He Just wanted techno to Hold him (not in a sexually way) and tell him he was going to be fine like old times.

Techno Sits on the Side of the bed "hey Maybe if we can move you without hurting you I could hold you Strawberry" techno says Trying to make Tommy feel Better. "Bubba...yes.. Ple.ase.." Techno nods and slowly moves tommy. Tommy Closes his eyes. When tommy opens his eyes He was Sitting in Technos lap. Techno had a Blanket wrapped around them to keep tommy warm. "There it doesn't hurt right?" Techno hopes he didn't hurt tommy. "No bubba.. Me sleepy..." Tommy says. He was getting his voice back some. "Take a nap than strawberry you Desevre it..." Tommy let's himself fall asleep in Technos lap.
Techno runs his hand Through Tommy's Hair. What they didnt know was the mat Ranboo Kinda broke Niki's hand.... Ghostbur Promises not to tell anybody because he Slapped the Shit out of Dream. They let Sam stay becaude they know how he would take care of tommy. They told him what happened to Tommy. The suicide Attempt, Broken Bones, Phil being ass, everything. He was like the only one on the server with a heart.

Techno let himself Fall asleep with Tommy Knowing he was safe or was he?? Pick Carefully reader. What you might say might have a effect on the story...

I love writing stuff like this for you guys so much!! I hope you enjoyed it part three?? Question. How are you all getting glocks? How was y'alls Day?
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