I'll take care of you✨🥀(part 2)

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The lady's eyes widen "Please Follow Me!!" She Says In a worried Voice. Tommy nods and Follows the Lady.

Nobody's Pov

The lady Looks Back at Tommy. "My name is Susie! Whats your Name??"  Susie Says smiling. "My name is Tommy and this is Melanie" Tommy says looking down at Melanie.  He looks Back up at the woman.

Her Hair was Short and it was Blonde. She had Emerald eyes. She also had Circle glass and heart earrings. She wore a green long sleeve shirt and a white short sleeve shirt over it. She had Black ripped jeans on. She had a Scar on her nose. She wore Black fingerless gloves. She also wore a necklace that said wishes. She had a Diamond ring on her Left hand.

Susie Opens the Door to the house and goes inside. Tommy Follows her Inside. He sees a Woman and A Kid

The woman had short Pink hair. It was Fluff. Her eyes were Red. She wore a Pink long sleeve shirt with black corset. She had a Dark red skirt on. She wore Knee high Socks that were white. She had Ears like a elf. She had a iron sword on her Back. She had a ring on her left hand too. She has a flower crown on her head

The kid was a girl. She had strawberry Blonde hair. Her Hair was long and wavey. One of her Eyes were red and the other one was green. Like her parents. She wore a white Shirt And Red overalls. She has a Flower Crown on. She had Black Shoes. She looked like she was 8

*a Couple years later*

Tommy was 20 He got a house of his own in the village right next to susies and her Wife's. He Got a job as a guard.  Susie and Teresa take Care of Melanie when he works. Teresa is the name of Susies Wife. Melanie was 5 years old. She was able to walk and talk. Daisy was susies and Teresa Daughter. She was 12 years old. She would help take care of Melanie. When Teresa and Susie go to work or leave the town Tommy would take care of them.

The town People loved Tommy and Melanie. In Tommys spare time Tommy would take Care of the children. He would Sing Songs to them about his Brothers and his father. Susie Thought of Tommy as a Son. Teresa thought the Same.

Back at L'manburg stuff wasn't the same. Technoblade Missed Tommy alot. He Closed himself Off From everybody Expect Wilbur and Phil. Tubbo Unexiled Tommy In cause he Came Back. Dream Didnt Care he was happy about this. George was pissed at dream He didnt know how Dream could be happy.

Sam and Puffy Missed tommy alot. Puffy Thought of Tommy as a Son and Sam thought the Same. Dream Brought Wilbur back to life and Schlatt too. Schlatt was Much nicer. Wilbur would spend Most of his Time with Techno trying to get him to go out of the house.

Phil Got techno to go out of the house. Phil thought it would be a Good idea to go on a trip. Wilbur thought the same. Techno wasnt happy with it but he want with it.

*with Tommy* Nobody's Pov-

Tommy Holds Philip. Philip was the son of the librarian. Tommy smiles

"You will come of Age with our young nation" Tommy sings to Philip "We'll Bleed and fight for you We'll make it right for you" "If we lay a strong enough Foundation"
"We'll pass it on to you We'll give the world to you" Tommy Sings

Philip Falls asleep in tommys arms as he Rocks him Carefully. He Goes over and Puts him in the crib. Alexander comes in "Thank you Tommy we were having trouble Getting him to sleep" Alexander was The librarians husband. "Its no problem I will do this anytime you need me to now I have to Go to the town Square cant keep the kids Waiting!" Tommy whispers yells. Alexander Smiles and Nods.

Tommy Grabs Daisy's hand And Melanie's "are you two ready for Today??" Tommy asks the girls. "Yup!!" Daisy Says Pulling tommy and Melanie "Lets hurry!!" Daisy Yells. Tommy was Glad they already left the Babys room. Tommy Picked Melanie up and Puts Daisy on his Back "Lets go!!" Tommy Say Carrying the girls There

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