he doesn't want to be like him✨✨(part two)

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I wasn't gonna Make a Part two of this One but I saw someone That wanted it so Im doing it

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy woke up in a bed. He looks around to see where he was but couldn't recognize were he was. Tommy sits up and Stretches. He Yawns a He Stands up. He back was Killing him. Tommy heard a door open and close. He saw someone come into the room. "Tommy youre wake!! How's your back?? Do you need any medicine for it??" Tommy lookes at the person to see it was dream

"My Back Is killing me. But im fine by the way where are we??" Tommy Asks walking over to dream. "Well I couldn't just leave you there so I brought you to my House" dream Says pulling out a Healing potion. "Here drink this too" dream Hands tommy the potion. "Wait... Youre not homeless??" Tommy Says taking the Potion. Dream Laughs and rubs Tommy's head "Nope im not Homeless" Dream smiles even tho you Cant see it under his mask. Tommy nods and drinks the Potion

"Come on Tommy Dinner will get Cold if you dont Come eat it and someone is waiting for you" dream Says Slowly grabbing tommys Hand. Tommy wonders who is waiting for him. He grabs dreams hand and they walk out of the room going to the Kitchen. Tommy sees Drista Seating up the Table. "Tommy youre Up!!" Drista says running to tommy Pulling him into a hug. Tommy Starts to Fall Backwards because Drista Jumping onto him.

Dream Catches Tommy and Drista. "Calm downnn!" Dream says Laughing. Sorry" Drista Lets go of tommy and Smiles "im just happy he is okay!!" Tommy Puts his hands on his hips "why wouldn't I be?? I'm a big man!!" Tommy Laughs with Drista and dream. "The Food!!" Drista yells going over to the oven and taking the food off. She Grabs plates and Put them Down. "Let me Help!" Tommy Says Dream shakes his Head "nope sit down Big man" Tommy Sighs and Sits down as dream and Drista gets the plates and food Ready.

Dream Sets Tommys plate infront of him then sets his Plate in his spot. Drista Puts her plate down and Sits. Dream Grabs three waters and Put them Down. Dream sits down "Dig in guys" tommy looks at the food. It was steak with Mashed potatoes with Green Beans. Tommy Smiles and Cuts a Peice of Steak and Sticks it into his mouth. He Chews it up and swallows.

* After eating*

"Thank you guys!!" Tommy Says Standing up taking his Plate to the Sink "No problem!!" Dream and Drista Say at the Same Time. "Hey! Coping me!! Tommy !!! Stoppp!!!" Dream and Drista Say Coping each other. Tommy laughs at this then he washes his plate "Tommy your not allowed to do that!!" Dream and Drista Say. "What-😆" tommy Laughs and Drys his Plate Putting it away. Dream goes and picks tommy up "Lets go Get you Some clothes so you can Take a Shower!" Dream Carrys tommy To his room "Wait-? Should i go back to exile??" Tommy Asks

"Nope you are actually staying with me and Drista" dream says Putting tommy on his Bed and Searching through his closet. He Finds a Red hoodie with Black shorts "here now I'll lead you to the Bathroom " Dream takes tommy to the Bathroom "here the bathroom take a shower now! I'll be in the kitchen with Drista" dream says Walking away

Drista was Cleaning up the Table as Dream washes the Dishes "are you excited??" Dream Asks he Know his sister would Love the company when he was out "Yup!! I cant wait to Play with him!! He is really funny too!" Drista Says Jumping around. Dream Smiles at Drista. Tommy Comes out in the clothes Dream gave him "hey thank you so much dream!"

Drista Smile then runs to her Room and Changes her Clothes. She Comes Back out in a Red hoodie and Black shorts. "We match!!" Drista Says Hugging Tommy. Tommy hugs Drista Back. Dream Turns the water off and Drys his Hands. He goes over to tommy and Drista then hugs them too.

Tommy leans his head on dreams Shoulder "thank you dream.."

* *

Hows y'alls Day??

I hope it was good!!

*721 words*

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