The water is funnier with friends

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In this chapter Tommy is a Hybrid Axolotl (The yellow one). He lives in a stream near the ocean. There are villages near his stream with hybrids in it. 

Nobody's Pov-

    Swimming around in a stream all day would be fun if you weren't lonely. Tommy had nobody come and visit him since nobody knew he was there. Tommy could only be out of the water for five minutes it wasn't enough to go to the village and make friends. He couldn't even make it to the village within five minutes. It like a 10 minute walk there and back. Tommy hated being lonely but he's learned to deal with it. Sure it did hurt but at least he has the axolotl's and fishes. Sure it wasn't the same as other hybrids but it's okay. 

   Laying on the bottom of the stream, Tommy thought about what he would do that day. Maybe go for a swim. Nope he does that everyday, all the time. Maybe he could go to the ocean but he would have to deal with drowns and other things. Tommy sighs and swims towards the surface. He peaks his head out of the water and looks around for something, anything. Tommy then heard a voice. A voice?! Tommy goes back under water for a breath then comes back up. He heard the voice again but along with other peoples voice's. More people! Tommy thought clapping his hands

    "huh?? did someone just clap?" "None of us clapped Tubbo maybe there's someone else out here?" " Well Phil there is a village and a stream maybe we could go see if someone is at the stream??"

  Tommy goes back under but stares up at the surface of the water. Maybe just maybe he will make some friends. Maybe but they don't sound like they are from here. They have a very weird accent like one a pirate would have. Tommy realizes he had spaced out. He heads back to the surface to be meet with a Ram Hybrids Face. Screaming Tommy goes back under the water staring that the face. Someones hands comes to the Rams shoulder and pulls him back

  Tommy pokes his head out of the water "Hello! I'm Tubbo! Whats your Name??" The Ram Shouted. "Tommy my name is Tommy. And Don't Fucking scary me like that Dickhead!!" Tommy shouts at the Ra- Tubbo " Sorry!"

       Here's A draft that's not Finished Because I Lost motivation and I'm supposed to be grounded-

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