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a new home || sleepyboisinc by Stinky3gg
a new home || sleepyboisincby Stinky3gg
COMPLETED!! If anyone is uncomfortable with this it will be taken down immediately
MCYT Incorrect Quotes by TheRealBagelGod
MCYT Incorrect Quotesby Writer-by-heart
Some amazing incorrect quotes because I'm obsessed! Some of the quotes will seem familiar, because they have to come from somewhere, but there are a few I made up myself...
"Beast Tamer" Technoblade X Reader by MoonEmbre
"Beast Tamer" Technoblade X Readerby Moon
" Beast Tamer " Technoblade x Reader When YN, an insecure maiden that was kidnapped by pillagers to raise their Ravagers was saved by the Blood God. •°•°• This...
Only jokes, right? by A_G359
Only jokes, right?by A_G359
Tommy starts to believe the haters in his chat. Do his friends really think he's annoying? Is Ranboo a better friend then him? (ranboo and tubbo's friendship is Great th...
Addison- A FatherSoot OC story by Terraflake
Addison- A FatherSoot OC storyby TheMidnightStorm
"M-My name is Addison." What happens when Wilbur's editing a video and he suddenly hears a knock? What happens when that's a little girl? What happens when sh...
Don't anger the God. [DREAM SMP] by lmnberg
Don't anger the God. [DREAM SMP]by (:
Wilbur soot is a god and hates humans. They're gross things that really don't deserve to live. Well.. That was until he met TommyInnit. And let's just say you really sh...
Phil's Kid by AlexIsGenderless
Phil's Kidby Alex
Phil and Kristin decide to foster a kid without telling anyone, not even their internet family. What happens when Phil tries to keep the fact he's a streamer secret from...
A Ghosts' Story by ReadingPetalx
A Ghosts' Storyby ReadingPetalx
**Don't know who made the art, found it on Pinterest, but CREDIT TO THE ARTIST** *This is a Ghosty bois inc AU* Motherinnit decides to let Tommy and his best friend Tubb...
Carnations by Sprezzzatura
Carnationsby Sprettzy
Theseus Minecraft was born in the year 1305. He was born into a family destined to walk the earth for eternity and ever, only... Theseus wasn't graced with such curse. T...
Secret Of The Wings - Dream Smp AU by Mxcraft_
Secret Of The Wings - Dream Smp AUby mxcraft_
Tommy was just a regular kid, He had 2 brothers and a dad, Well that's until the war of the presidential election, causing his brothers death and the run away of his fa...
Monster in my room (Sleepyboys Au) by emldmn
Monster in my room (Sleepyboys Au)by emldmn
Little Tommy was living with his brothers. They had a pretty normal life until one day a creature was interested in Tommy. The brothers thought it was only an imaginary...
My Home? | A Sleepybois inc Adoption AU ⚠️DISCONTINUED⚠️ by RandomPotato_bruh
My Home? | A Sleepybois inc RandomPotato
Tommy has been in the foster system since he was 6, Now he was 10 he learned not to trust nor open up to anyone. Mostly just getting abused and hurt. But he doesn't real...
The Boy made of Light. (Sometimes it hurts to be a flame)  by hell0_and_g0odbye
The Boy made of Light. ( A_Random_Person_
Tommy is in the foster system. No one has kept him for more than a month. He thinks it's because he is the problem. But Phil wants to show him that it's just that not ev...
New Family (sleepy bois, royal au) by emldmn
New Family (sleepy bois, royal au)by emldmn
King Phil was in the war fighting with the nether king, until he founds two little boys wondering around. The war usually brings chaos, but this time it gave him a famil...
Tyche | Technoblade x Reader by Chloe3256
Tyche | Technoblade x Readerby oop
Rumors of a revolt have been spreading like wildfire across the mansion. The Greshams were not poor in terms of power and money, but they certainly had a ways to go to o...
Another Family (SBI adoption AU) by BlueeFlower
Another Family (SBI adoption AU)by Bluee💐🌹🌺🌷🌻
(IF UR SBI DON'T READ THIS PLS, IT'S VERY CRINGE) Tommy is an orphan who got fostered 37 times and not even 1 of the people he got fostered by wasn't abusive. The orphan...
Adopted {COMPLETED} by Flower-Bloom
Adopted {COMPLETED}by YourTransGhost
Two young boys (Tommy Tubbo) end up getting adopted by a group of youtubers. These being the sleepy bois, Dream team, the muffinters and a few others. It's a heck of a r...
APHRODITE- technobladexreader by Wowthiswowthat
APHRODITE- technobladexreaderby Wowthiswowthat
In mid-evil times where Prince Technoblade is trying to find a queen, his own aphrodite. Y/n being the typical poor commoner never thought she had a chance.
You're Not Helping (Technoblade shit) by iirxsesucksatwriting
You're Not Helping (Technoblade Rose
READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION In which a certain pink haired senior struggles with suicidal thoughts and bullying. - Everyone knew that Technoblade was strong. TW: This stor...