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I need Sleeppp But I cantttt- so I'm writing a story about ittt

Nobody's Pov-

It was 3:30 am (I dont know how they do time there) Tommy was the only one awake in his Family. Everybody Else was asleep and all his Friends were Sleep so he couldn't call them. Tommy Sits up on his bed. He snuggles into His Blankets. He pulls one of his plushie to his chest and pushes him Face into it. Tommy thinks about how tomorrow will play out. He wakes up if he goes to sleep. He goes down into the Kitchen and Sees Wilbur,Techno, And Phil. Ranboo would Probably come over to train with Techno. Wilbur would Probably go out with Phil and himself would Go help Puffy With stuff. Tommy feels his eye grew heavy but he Still doesn't feel tired. Tommy Stands up As his blanket Drops onto the Bed. Tommy starts to feel light headed for Standing up to fast.

He lays his plushie on the bed and grabs the Blanket. Tommy walks to the Bathroom and Lays the Blanket in the Bath tub. It was Very Clean for a Bath tub. (Don't question me I do this sometimes) Tommy gets into the bath tub and Pulls the Blanket over himself. He didnt know why Laying in the Bath tub was comfortable. He Knew he had to go Back to his Bed before morning. So he Gets up out of the Bath tub and Grabs his blanket. He goes To his Room. He lays on his bed Coverinf himself with the Blanket then Grabbing his Plushie. Tommy closes his Eyes trying to sleep but his thoughts wouldn't let him.

Tommy rubs his Eyes And yawns. He hoped he would be able to sleep for a While. He had to get up at 7 and it was 3:45 am. Tommy decides to turn some music with his Phone. He grabs his phone from his Bed Side and turns it on only to be blinded by the light. He turns the light down so it didnt blind him. He Goes to his YouTube and turns on music. The song he Turned on was called hayloft by mother mother. Tommy smiles and Pushes his head into his pillow. Tommy smells his Pillow it smelled like honey and lavender. He loved the Smell but He didnt tell nobody. Tommy could Feel himself growing Tired. He closes his eyes letting himself Lay Still. His Thought slow down but not really. His Thoughts weren't pure or nice. They were Sad and mean. Tommy looks at his Phone and sees its 3:52. He had to go to sleep. Tommy made a mental Note to himself to take something that would help him sleep the next day. Tommy Feels his Eyes Grow heavier as he Grew more Tired. Tommy Lets himself Fall into a sleep

I'm very tired so I'm sorry if it doesnt make Sense or maybe it makes more sense then when I do write when I'm not Tired😂😂

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