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Little rant but tommy is me

Nobody's Pov-

Tommy Sits alone in the corner. Ranting on and on to a online Friend he Met. They were a Year younger then him but it was fine. They were a good listener and Good at giving advice. He trusted this online person more Then his actually friends and family. They gave him the will to live on. They gave him the will to try and get Betterm. To try and find some help for himself.

He was glad he met them.  All his friends would say when he told them is 'im sorry' or 'oh'. But this person Gave him Advice and helpped him. Tommy was tired after having that little break down. Tommy thought and Thought. Why did he trust this person who live far away more then the actually people he knew in real life? He didnt Care nor did he want to find out. Tommy let himself Fall asleep.

I know this isn't long but it's a little rant.
I'm sorry I've haven't posted My family is going through a Couple things and school has become harder for me
I'll try to post when I can for you all. Thank you all for being here for me. I love you all and please take care of yourself❤

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