I feel like im being Replaced

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So I would like to say this Chapter is a Vent! If you arent Comfortable with people venting or people venting as a Character please Skip this chapter!
I have been focusing on school for a While and it's been getting hard but I do promise I'll Try to start writing .

I'll be venting as Tommy their will be Other people in this but as Characters.

Tommy's POV-

   Sitting at the lunch Table I could hear Ranboo and Tubbo talking. Tubbo had sounded so so happy with Ranboo. I mean Ranboo is Better then me So Why not?

   I may have known Tubbo for more then 5 years But Ranboo had just Came into our friend group and well. Hes already making Tubbo more happy then I ever have. Everything about Ranboo was Perfect so why not.

  I Sat there thinking and thinking. I didnt even notice I was about crying. Which I tried to stop myself. It worked somewhat. Tubbo had noticed It though and asked if I was okay.

   I had Said yes as Usually. I dont need nobody to worry about me. Tubbo left it like that and went back to talking to Ranboo.

  Tubbo always Seems to like to talk to Ranboo. When we are outside, In class, In the hallways, Free time. Whenever Tubbo would get the Chance. Who wouldn't though.

    I seat in Science silently while I listened To Tubbo and Ranboo talk. I didn't say a Word though.  I didn't want to Ruin their conversation. So I just played on my computer and waited till actual class started.

    Tubbo and Ranboo always Seem happy while talking in gym. They Sit Very close together while I sit on the other side of the gym. I could see them laughing and Giggling. 

   Maybe I'm just clingy but i shouldnt be Clingy. Tubbo is happy. Tubbo should always be happy. It's only Tuesday and I've cried three times thinking about being Replaced.

  If I was to be replaced would Tubbo be happier?? I dont know... who will..

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